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Guidelines to Make your home monsoon Ready

Protect the open spaces: In case of heavy rains, water can go inside the house from the terrace, balcony or porch and source flooding. To stop rainwater from entering your house, you need install temporary or long-lasting shades, awnings or else sliding doors. These will help guard your outdoor furniture too.

How can we look after our house in monsoon?

Guidelines to make your house 'Monsoon Ready'

  1. Waterproofing is the method to go
  2. Clear out the pipes
  3. Check electrical wirings as well as casings
  4. Defend wooden furniture
  5. Clean carpets as well as rugs regularly
  6. Safeguard AC Maintenance
  7. Use Bamboo or else Cane rugs and furniture wherever promising

How can we preserve our house dry in monsoon?

The stress-free ways to control and decrease moisture is by covering the saucepans whereas cooking to stop build-up of steam, drying wet clothes in the outside and wiping the bathroom later than a shower. You can also procure a portable dehumidifier to remove surplus moisture from the indoors.

How do I retain my floor dry throughout rainy season?

To retain the floor dry, you might have to emphasis on cross ventilation. Open all doors as well as windows while it is not raining. The air from outside will eliminate moisture as well as leave the floor dry.

  1. Carpets get damp for the duration of monsoon.
  2. Roll all the rugs through a polythene sheet.
  3. Vinyl flooring is user-friendly since it is water resistant.

What indeed absorbs moisture?

Rock Salt: Rock salt is a usual hygroscopic material which not only absorbs moisture, but also stores it — alike to dehumidifiers. However, rock salt is totally natural, non-toxic and requires completely no electricity. Rock salt is a mineral mined from underground and taken to an exceptional facility.

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