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Tirumala TMT: South India's Most Trusted TMT Steel Bar



PFI Tirumala TMT: The Brand of the Sky

  • PFI Tirumala TMT Steel is a well-known name in the segment of construction industry. Prakash Ferrous Industries Private Limited is the Operational Steel division of the esteemed Prakash Group of Industries. The Engineering Conglomerate has shone in the field of Manufacturing of Diesel, Bio-gas, Bio-mass, Natural Gas, Engines and Generators along with Pump Sets.

  • The Industrial Group has commenced its activity back in the 1960s has emanated a long way since then and decided to set up itself in the field of Structural as well as Reinforcement Steel in 2008 thru this state of art Steel Plant at Srikalahasti, a tactically ideal location to gratify to all Four Southern States of India.

  • The Group’s Philosophy and Integrity are mirrored in the Plant as well as Product of Prakash Ferrous Industries Tirumala TMT Steel. In a Small Span of Eight Year from Beginning of Production the brand by now has a Presence at selected 1000 Retail Outlets in South India as well as is also being exported to countries such as Maldives, Sri Lanka, UAE, Kenya in addition to Seychelles.

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  1. Financial Introduction:

  • Sree Tirumala Steel Rolling Mills Private Limited is considered as one of the prominent name in the industry. It is an unlisted private company assimilated on 23 August, 1995. It is categorized as a private limited company and is situated in Andhra Pradesh. It's official share capital is INR 2.00 Crore and the entire paid-up capital is INR 1.79 Crore.

  1. Why Choose Us:

  • The TEMPCORE Course has been advanced in the early seventies by CRM Group so as to manufacture high strength and wieldable concrete reinforcing bars thru mild steel, without adding expensive alloying elements. It entails in subjecting the hot rolled steel to an in-line heat measures in three successive stages:

  • When leaving the concluding mill stand, the product is quickly and energetically cooled by a short cooling installation, where it experiences surface hardening (martensite layer)

  • Once this quenching operation is clogged, the surface layer is Tempered thru using the remaining heat left in the CORE of the TMT bar (self-tempering of the martensite layer); therefore the name TEMPCORE the process guarantees uniform creation of the wall-thickness of every layer all over the Rebar.

  • The third phase takes place when the product lies on the cooling bed where the bar is exposed to usual cooling down to ambient temperature (conversion of the remaining austenite in the core)

  • TEMPCORE is the best method for the manufacture of high class rebars. Overpriced alloying elements (Vanadium, Niobium) are swapped by inexpensive water! It lets obtaining from low C-Mn steel concrete reinforcing bars thru high mechanical properties (World-Class Standards) outstanding Weld ability and greater ductility and bendability.

    1. The TEMPCOR technology:

  • Each TEMPCOR apparatus is designed by CRM Group on the basis of specific calculations supplemented with a very large experience (higher than 70 mills prepared everywhere the world, for rebar diameters up to 75 mm). These design guarantees admirable process controllability (giving constant product properties) and high suppleness (agreeing producing several grades through the same chemistry). Equipment manufacturing is at that time often carried-out locally at low price.

  • The Certification process is very rigorous as CRM is a research organization financed by ArcelorMittal group with a main objective of uncompromised class, which maintains a close Class compliance post certification too. Till date a very minor percentage of Steel Rolling-mills, universal have been able to make it through their method.

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