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What are the differences between TMT Bar and Tor Steel

Check out the difference between TMT bar and TOR steel bar

Steel has been an essential component of all sorts of buildings for decades. It strengthens the concrete and protects the construction structure against corrosion and other natural disasters.

There are several varieties of steel bars. The kind of steel bars vary based on region and climate. Until the 1990s, TOR steel was widely utilised. Later, TMT bars' greater ductility and other properties rapidly eliminated TOR steel from the market.

What are the differences between TMT Bar and Tor Steel (Traditional steel bar)

What is TOR steel?

The Luxembourg-based "Toristeg Steel Corporation" is known by its brand name, TOR. One of the finest steel grades for concrete reinforcements for a short while was TOR steel. Made from low-carbon mild steel billets, TOR steel has a higher tensile stress and a high elasticity value due to surface deformation caused by the steel twisting after elongation. This led to residual tension, which made TOR steel more vulnerable to corrosion.

What is TMT bar?

Thermo-Mechanically Treated, or TMT, Bar. A high-strength reinforcing bar with a soft inner core and a robust outer core is how it is characterised. TMT bars have been shown to be incredibly practical for reinforcing concrete constructions ever since they were first introduced. It is also renowned for having a strong, robust construction, robust look, and great strength. According to the ISO Code, they are also resistant to corrosion because of their chemical makeup. These days, TMT bars are frequently employed as a tensioning tool to strengthen concrete and increase its resistance to compressive stresses.

It is best to use TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) steel bars for constructing earthquake-resistant buildings. They not only provide the ideal balance between hardness and flexibility (elongation), but also aid in reducing the impacts of damages during any seismic activity.

Distinctions Between Tor Steel and TMT Bar


TMT Bars

TOR Steel

Tensile Strength

Higher yield strength; uses less steel

Requires 20% more steel for comparable strength


Superior; provides 20% extra building strength

Less ductile; offers lesser building strength


Higher elongation; ensures flexible structures

Lower elongation; less flexibility


Highly bendable; minimal risk of breakage

Good bendability; prone to re-bend breakage


Highly weldable; low carbon content

Less weldable; higher carbon content


Resistant to corrosion; stays unaffected by water

Vulnerable to corrosion; susceptible to water damage


Intrinsically strong; absorbs more energy during calamities

Softens over time; less resilient to seismic activity

Rust Resistant

Highly rust and corrosion-resistant

Corrodes easily due to chloride ions


Retains strength at high temperatures

Low thermal stability; susceptible to fire damage


Extremely flexible; endures high temperature and humidity

Prone to cracking and breaking under stress


Superior bonding with cement; ensures strong structure

Weaker bonding; is less reliable in forming strong structures


More affordable due to less processing requirements

Costlier due to additional hardening processes

Climate Suitability

Ideal for hot and humid climates; resistant to rust and corrosion

Vulnerable to rust and corrosion in humid conditions

Overall Superiority

Offers superior strength, durability, and flexibility

Less superior in strength, durability, and flexibility

TMT bars are nearly perfect in every way compared to TOR steel. TMT bars exhibit superior strength, ductility, weldability, durability, earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, flexibility, and cement bonding. They are also better for the Indian climate and more affordable.

TMT Bar Grades

The market offers TMT bars in a variety of grades. The TMT bars are better the higher the grade. According to IS Standards, Fe 550D Grade TMT Bars provide the ideal ratio of strength to flexibility in this instance. Therefore, it is advised for all kinds of building needs.

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