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What is difference between Fe500 and Fe500d?

Both Fe500 and Fe500D TMT bars are extensively used in construction. At the same time as both are the finest TMT bars for construction projects, the Fe500D TMT bars definitely comes with a higher ductile strength as compared to the Fe500 TMT bars. The Tensile strength of steel remains the equal for both these products. Conversely, it is the overall ductility that creates all the difference.


Which is better TMT 500 or 500d?
“Fe” stands for iron in TMT Bar and “D” stand as Elongation. In Fe 500 and FE 500D TMT Bar “500” implies the smallest amount yield stress in MPa. FE 500D has upper percentage of elongation than any other Grade of TMT Bar.


Which is better fe500 and Fe500D?
From the mixture creation point, fe500d has 0.25% carbon (max) while contrasted with 0.30% (max) in fe500. In addition, the most excessive level of sulfur as well as phosphorus is lower in fe500d.


Which brand TMT bar is good for construction?
Both Fe 500 and Fe 500D are forms of TMT steel bars as per the IS: 1786 plus they are ultimate for use in the structure of housing apartment buildings. “Fe” actually stands for Iron,out of which the TMT bars are prepared. The figure “500” implies the least amount yield stress in MPa.

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