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TMT bar thickness

Specific Usage of TMT Bars

TMT stands for “Thermo Mechanical Treatment”. This treatment is a process, which uses both heat therapy and mechanical deformation during the manufacture of bars to improve their tensile strength, weld ability in addition to stress resistance.

TMT bars are a high strength variety formed from low carbon steel through the quenching of the outside layer of the bar. The consequential pressure transforms the crystal structure of the outside layer of the bar turning it into martensite and thus shrinks it. Martensite is a very hard crystal constitution of steel and is extremely durable.

TMT bars price & saria price online

Prices starting from

TMT steel bar 8mm


TMT steel bar 10mm


TMT steel bar 12mm


TMT steel bar 16mm


TMT steel bar 20mm


TMT steel bar 25mm



TMT steel Bar

TMT bars are available in varying range of thickness and each type has unique features. The requisite description is as follows:


8mm TMT Steel Bar

These bars are used particularly for ring construction only. These low thick bars can be easily fitted here.


10 mm TMT Steel Bar

These bars are used particularly for the construction of lenter as wells as roof.


12 mm TMT Steel Bar

These bars are used predominantly for construction of beam with roof


16/20 mm TMT Steel Bar

These kinds of bars are used for construction of columns or beams as per their related structure designs


25/32 mm TMT Steel Bar

These thickest bars are employed for the constitution of columns only

The above specifications are applicable only for Fe-500, 550, 5000 grade steel.

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Tmt Bars is used when

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