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Steel Prices and Factors Affecting Steel Market

TMT steel bar price in India in January 2024

The fundamental building material that gives a structure its tensile strength is steel. The cost of steel per kilogram in India varies according to the brand, region, taxes (GST), and other outside variables.

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TMT steel bar price in India in January 2024

Table: TMT steel bar price in India in January 2024


Market Price/Piece List Today

8mm TMT Bar price

 Rs 54/KG

10mm TMT Bar price

  Rs 52/KG

12mm TMT Bar price

 Rs 51/KG

16mm TMT Bar price

 Rs 51/KG

20mm TMT Bar price

 Rs 51/KG

25mm TMT Bar price

 Rs 51/KG

32mm TMT Bar price

 Rs 51/KG

For steel companies, 2023 has been a middling year with little cause for concern on the home front. However, China's chaos has caused great anxiety in the global ferrous industry. Let's examine some of the major variables that will influence the steel market's performance in 2024.


The rising cost of coking coal is a bigger issue than iron ore pricing for the global steel industry, especially for players like Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) and Tata Steel. These businesses are impacted even though they are backward integrated because pricing in India are lower than those in other countries.

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