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TMT Steel Price

What is the rate of steel in India ?

Steel Price per Kg in India


8 mm (Fe 500)

TMT Steel Bar

Rs.72 to Rs.92 per kg

TMT Sariya

Rs.7200 to Rs.9200 per Quintal


Rs.75000 to Rs.92000 per Metic ton

Also Know about Soot or Sut Saria 

What is the charge of 1 ton of steel?

  • The Rate of 12mm TMT Steel Bar is now about Rs.68,000 per ton to Rs.78,00. From November 2018 to January 2019, the prices dropped by approximately Rs.7,300 a ton.

What is the rate of 12mm rod?

  • 12mm TMT Bar at Rs.68000 to Rs.78000 per ton

What is the Rate of 8mm?

  • 8mm TMT BAR at Rs.74 per kilogram

What is the price of one kg iron?

  • 32 MM Iron TMT Bar

  • Price Series: Rs.64 - Rs.71/Kilogram.

What is the Rate of Primary steel?

  • Twelve mm Twelve Meter Mild Steel TMT Bar, For Construction, Manufacturing Rs.815 to Rs.900 per piece


What is present steel price?

Steel Price List




10 mm TMT Bars

One Kg

Rs.76.50 – Rs.84.50

12 mm TMT Bars

One Kg

Rs.74.00 – Rs.84.00

16 mm TMT Bars

One Kg

Rs.74.00 – Rs.82.00

20 mm TMT Bars

One Kg

Rs.74.00 – Rs.82.00

What is the price of 16mm rod?

Shree 16mm TMT Steel Bar, For Building, Grade: Fe 550, Rs.64000 to Rs.72000 per ton

What is the Approx Price of 10mm steel 2023?

  • 10 MM Steel Bar at Rs.58000 to Rs.78000 per ton | Steel Bars

What is the Price of 8mm TMT Rod?

  • 8 mm TMT Bars, For Building, Unit Length: 08mm, Rs.62000 to Rs.82000 M/T

What is the weight of 10mm rod?

  • 10 mm TMT bar description

    The 10 mm TMT bar weight is 7.1 kg every rod. 1 bundle contains 7 rods as well as weighs 49 to 50 kg. 1 ton contains 20 bundles (approx.).

What is the rate of 10mm rod per piece?

  • The avg. market charge of TMT Bar 10mm in India is Rs.58,000 to Rs.78,000 per Ton.

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