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TMT steel and its various uses

Uses of Different TMT Bars

Steel in the form of TMT bars is getting widely used in the buildings nowadays. These bars are purposely designed for earthquake resistant buildings plus additionally own high thermal resistance.



Grades of TMT Bars

There are different grades of TMT bars accessible in the market. The grade symbolizes the strength and firmness of the bar, exclusively the yield strength of reinforcement. It is very essential to decide the right grade, depending upon the kind of structure.

The following TMT rebar grades are on hand:

Fe 415

TMT bars contain the yield strength of 415 N/mm2 are commonly employed for the construction of houses in addition to residential structures. They have high homogeneous elongation which crafts them earthquake resistant. Hence they are ideal to build homes in earthquake prone regions.

Fe 500

The important property of a TMT bar containing yield strength of 500 N/mm2 is its resistance to decay. They are best appropriate for multiple storey buildings as well as commercial buildings.

Fe 550

Their properties are pretty much alike to that of Fe 500. Except they have better yield strength which is slightly further than Fe 500. They are most appropriate for slightly large scale projects like bridges as well as heavy underground structures.

Fe 600

TMT bars containing the yield strength of 600 N/mm2 possess the uppermost strength accessible in that category. They are mostly employed in structures which need high tensile and yield strength. These TMT bars are employed for large scale industrial construction projects.


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