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TopTech TMT: Building the Nation

Toptech TMT Steel Bar

Being one of the finest TMT rod manufacturers as well as suppliers in West Bengal, TopTech products are at present available all over West Bengal. The trademark believes in offering quality products at the finest rate, and for these reasons, it is the most preferred brand by builders as well as homeowners. The greater quality of the products makes the product a top TMT brand in West Bengal.
Through millions of happy consumers, the brand is all set to touch each corner of the country. By using the modern technology, it is ruling the industry through its super-strong TMT bars. The group started its journey thru the mission of manufacturing TMT rods at an inexpensive price to support forward-thinking construction. The list of never-ending happy customers has proved that the company has achieved the goal effectively. It is a well-known TMT bar brand in West Bengal, as well as it is a new age steel producer as well. The brand has fixed a new dimension in expressions of TMT steel bar manufacturing. The whole team is dedicated to offering the greatest bars which will support every kind of construction and customers’ necessities.

TopTech TMT bar Price List:

STopTech TMT Bar 8 mm Price

Rs 62, 200 /  MT

As on May 2022 

 TopTech TMT Bar 12mm Price

Rs 59, 450 /  MT

As on May 2021

TopTech TMT Bar 16mm Price

Rs 60, 650 /  MT

As on May 2021 

 TopTech TMT Bar 25mm Price

Rs 60, 150 /  MT

As on May 2021

Why select TopTech TMT?

To support justifiable development, the company prefers to build TMT bars that endure all types of adverse weather. The addition of cutting-edge technology and the top-quality raw material are the chief reasons behind the product superiority. The company believes that every structure, whether it is a home or a corporate place, is distinct and merits the paramount construction material to long last; therefore, all the TMT rods of the company are designed to provide highest strength and toughness.
Its core team is incessantly researching on the technology as well as the manufacturing technique that is being used in the whole process to offer improved products. Each product goes through a class checking process to ensure customers never develop a chance to complain.

Why You Should Choose TopTech TMT:

Top Raw Materials

United facilities like Induction Furnace, Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) as well as Continuous Casting Billet Machine (CCBM).

Top Quality

Advanced technologies, for example the Tempcore Process ­ in association with Centre de Rechaerche Metallurgiques (CRM), Belgium

Top Savings

Top technology yields extra volume per ton, which is a total cost advantage for consumers. It has controlled sectional weight per meter as per necessity of consumers. It aids in saving the consumption of steel without distressing the load factor.

Top Manufacturing Ability

Fully automated & Contemporary Block Mills fitted through Tungsten Carbide Rollers to guarantee consistency in weight with flawless finish.


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