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TRIAM A+ TMT: Solid Foundation for Your Home


TRIAM TMT: Bringing Transformation to the Nation

With rapid urbanisation, upcoming infrastructure projects and a mounting population base, India is composed to be the world’s 3rd main construction market by 2025. While leading programmes of the government, resembling ‘Smart Cities’, ‘Make in India’, ‘Housing for all’, ‘Atal Mission for Urban Rejuvenation as well as Transformation’ (AMRUT) along with ‘Bharatmala Pariyojana’ are fuelling future progress, the country’s ever-changing skyline requires the rules to be incessantly rewritten.

Armed with the up-to-date, new-age re-bar technology – Triam A+ Fe 550D is ready to lay a firm future foundation on which success stories will be made.

About TRIAM A+

Triam A+ Fe 550D is obliged its origin to Amit Metaliks Ltd.- one of the major steel producers in eastern India. As a result of the superior quality products produced by the company, it is currently proud to companion with the Steel Authority of India as its only convergent agent in the eastern India region.

These Fe 550D new-ages re-bars – higher quality products from Amit Metaliks are factory-made in the one-of-its-kind plant, located in the eastern India region in Durgapur. With an uncommon mix of state-of-the-art infrastructure that contains Steel Melting Shop as well as Rolling Mill, the manufacturing plant has a volume of producing 5.25 lakh MT of steel per year.

Manufactured using the state-of-the-art Thermex Expertise from HSE, Germany, and these re-bars through diameters vacillating between 8mm to 40mm undergoes a severe set of quality control measures as well as processes that guarantees excellence that’s uncompromised. These bars made for the future have the intrinsic properties of being corrosion-resistant along with earthquake-resistant.


A+ All the Way

The Fe 550D is no average TMT rebar. The premium manufacturing practise, quality checks at every phase, and a scientifically time-tested rib pattern which leads to better bonding as well as tolerance distribution, creating Triam A+ Fe 550D the final star among re-bars.

Product Stipulations:

Every time you hold an ISI certified Triam A+ 550D construction bar in your palms, you definitely feel the absolute existence of A+ class in every square inch of metal.

  • Close Spiral Ribs
  • TMT Bars/ De-formed bars (Grade 550 D)
  • CRS Grade TMT Bar

A+ Bonding Strength

A+ Physical Strength

A+ Bend ability

A+ Weld ability

A+ Corrosion Resistance

A+ High Dimension Tolerance

A+ Earthquake Resistance

A+ Fire Resistance


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