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Tufcon is a prominent steel (TMT Bar, Nail, Billets and Iron Binding Wire) manufacturing company in Eastern India, expanding its network through its strong and wide customer centric dealerships. Since its inception by embracing the modernized technologies it has successfully won the trust of its customers. Currently, it uses up-to-date German tempcore technology instead of roll as well as cast method. That’s how it ensures the quality of its products


In its constant endeavour to convey a strong foundation for your dreams, it brings to you a variety of products that suits diverse requirements but promises the same strength along with power to build your future. The products range from 500Fe, 550Fe and 600HCR re-bars. The group ensures quality manufacturing as well as marketing services in a timely plus cost-effective way, leveraging the cutting-edge German technology. This assures that your building stands tall, come what may.

Tufcon TMT steel bars price list:

TMT bars

Price per Piece (In rupees)

Tufcon TMT Steel 12mm


Tufcon TMT Steel 8mm


Tufcon TMT Steel 16mm


Tufcon TMT Steel 10mm


Tufcon TMT Steel 20mm


Tufcon TMT Steel 25mm


500 Fe

Tufcon assembles 500Fe TMT bar in its Jharkhand plant using most recent German Tempcore Technology. 500Fe.

550 Fe

Tufcon manufactures 500Fe TMT bar in its Jharkhand plant backed by newest Tempcore Technology.

600 HCR

Tufcon produces 500Fe TMT bar in its Jharkhand plant backed by state-of-the-art Tempcore Technology.

Product Applications

Perfect for all avenues of construction

Our TMT Re-bars are prepared with the up-to-the-minute German technology, guaranteeing that it can efficiently withstand any type of stress and load, hence, securing your dream construction from any unfortunate damages.

Technology and Manufacturing Process

TUFCON TMT Rebars are produced with the hottest Tempcore Technology confirming a significant increase in yield as well as ultimate tensile strength, while maintaining suitable ductility.


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