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Advantage Applications and Uses of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)

RMC: Making things Easier and Safer

Prism Johnson Limited is an integrated Building Materials Company, providing a comprehensive range of building materials from cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates, tiles, and bath products to kitchens. The Company has 3 Divisions, viz. Prism RMC, Cement Division, along with H & R Johnson (India).

Prism RMC
Prism RMC is one of India’s primary ready-mixed concrete producers, set-up in 1996. It presently functions 97 ready-mixed concrete plants in 44 cities/towns through the Country. It has also ventured into the Aggregates business as well as functions large Quarries and Crushers. Right now, it has 5 Quarries across the country. The group has been at the lead in setting high standards for plant as well as machinery, production as well as quality systems plus product services in the ready-mixed concrete business.

What is Ready Mixed Concrete?

As the name specifies, Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) is the concrete which is transported in the ready- to-use manner.

The Indian Standard Description IS 4926:2003 defines RMC as:

"Concrete blended in a standiing mixer in a central bind as well as mixing plant or in a truck-mixer as well as given in fresh condition to the buyer either at the site or into the procurer's vehicles".



Is a water tight concrete containing particularly formulated admixture that reasons a catalytic reaction in the existence of moisture and the by-products of cement hydration, to produce a non-soluble crystalline formation all over the pores and capillary areas of the concrete.

1. Lift Pits
2. Swimming Pools
3. Basement Retaining Walls
4. Water retaining structures
5. Sewage and Water Treatment Plants
6. Foundations

1. Keeps Water In or Out as essential
2. Waterproofing and Chemical Resistance remains unbroken even if the surface is hurt
3. Effective against hydrostatic pressure
4. Decreased risk of reinforcement corrosion
5. Non Toxic and Cost Effective solution


It is a high Speciality Concrete designed to endure the thrilling coastal environment which demands for the concrete to be extremely impermeable and tough with a good microstructure.


1. Structures close to the coastline.
2. Marine constructions.
3. Sewage treatment plants.
4. Bridges in marine atmosphere.
5. Sea walls as well as Armour units.


1. Durable and bearable.
2. Decay resistant.
3. Highly waterproof.
4. Resistant against chlorides as well as sulphates.
5. Unaffected to alkali aggregate reactions.


 It is a colourful concrete that provides the freedom to architects to discover their vision and bring diversity in the treatment of countless elements of a building. Numerous textures can also be combined on the concrete surface while laid as a ground slab.


1. Pedestrian walkways, cycle tracks and footpaths.
2. Floorings for parking extents, basements, etc.
3. Artistic precast panels as well as products.
4. Civic monuments as well as surrounds.
5. Commercial as well as domestic flooring.

1. Collection of striking visual effects.
2. opens up a complete new world of design prospects.
3. Smart colour options with long-lasting surface.
4. Easy and quick installation.
5. Low on maintenance prices.


It is a special concrete categorised by high resistance to segregation; can be cast through NO compaction and can easily range as well as fill every nook and corner of the formwork by its exclusive free flow ability.

1. In RCC members thru heavy and congested reinforcement.
2. Architectural and intricate shape and design of intricate construction.
3. Retaining walls, raft, footings as well as pile foundations.
4. Repair, restoration as well as renewal of RCC structures.

1. Improved quality in terms of surface gloss; no honey combs, voids etc. and therefore, enhanced long term permanence.
2. Better mould ability and superior freedom to design complex buildings.
3. Better progress and quick completion of projects.
4. Safer working environment because of less labour required on site throughout placement of concrete.
5. Environmental friendly, since there is no noise pollution.

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