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Types of TMT Bars

TMT bars do need any introduction in the real estate’s sector, nowadays. They are proving to be much useful in this field. These bars are expansively used in different types of civil construction projects, so they form the foundation stone of current city life. They are utilized for making building, slabs, beams, columns and also other type of structures that put up with the live load of people in addition to their belongings.



These TMT bars are in fact technically approved by Bureau of Indian Standards which composes them suitable for construction as well as building projects. The Fe 500D plus Fe 500 are certain superior quality TMT steel bars which can be acquired from the market today.

Steel manufacturing firms in India craft these bars under a lot regulated manufacturing procedure that makes them pretty easily bendable. The TMT Saria steel bars allocate a particular connection with concrete which is utilized for all building projects.

We carry the gamut of all top brands of TMT bars at an economical range for you. They are as follows:

  • Vizag Steel.
  • Tata Tiscon.
  • JSWNeo steel.
  • Essar
  • Bhushan Steel.
  • VISA steel.

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Tmt Bars is used when

Building Superstructure

Lot of Material Required to build Super structure. Comaron Gurgaon provides you all the product related to Super structure for any construction.

Laying Down Foundation

Foundation work is important for any construction. Comaron Gurgaon provides complete Solution for Foundation work