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Ultra Super Cement: Quality Cement for Construction for your Home

Ultra Super Cement: The Most Valuable Brand


Ultra Super cement is a name of honour in the field of construction industry. The brand has achieved numerous milestones in its journey, since its inception. The cement has high degree of cohesion as well as workability in concrete as well as mortar. This combined cement is appropriate for dams, flyovers, airports, bridges, residential complexes, apartments, railways, and other commercial and residential buildings.

Is Ultra super cement valuable?

It yields high strength concrete which is robust and extremely resistant to wet cracking as well as thermal cracking. It has high degree of solidity and workability in concrete as well as mortar.

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What is the grade of the cement?

The cement has Grade 53 with Packing Size: 50 Kg.

Is the cement waterproof?

While it comes to waterproofing, it has a series of products like It applies a high-quality polymer flavor and is supreme for terraces, roofs, and water tanks in addition to balconies. It is best suited for spaces smaller than 10,000 square feet.

Is the cement fit for plastering?

Ultra Super Stucco is a plastering instrument that is flawless for surface finishing as well as its major advantage is that it involves no curing.

What are the specifications of the product?

It is a well-known organization in the industry to offer its patrons the best quality collection of Ultra Super Cement.

Product Specification




PPC (Pozzolana Portland Cement)

Packaging Magnitude

50 Kg

Packaging Category

PP Sack Bag



Is PPC offered in 53 grade?

There are no grades in PPC or else in any other kind of cement. 43 S Grade, as well as 53 S Grade of cement, are utilised in railway Engineering for the production of sleepers. At this point, S stands for sleepers. OPC 33 grade, 43 Grade in addition to 53 Grade cement is utilized for General purpose engineering for instance building construction.

Which cement is paramount for plastering?

OPC 43 is the finest cement for plastering both the outer and inner walls of low residential buildings. Besides, OPC 53 is the best for plastering high-rise buildings. OPC is obtainable in 3 grades in the market, OPC 33, OPC 43 along with OPC 53.

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