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Ultracare TMT Fe500D Grade Price

Ultracare TMT Steel Price in Bhilai, Raipur, Madhya Pradesh & chhattisgarh IndiaCh

Ultra Care TMT: Pinnacle of Excellence

Pilania Industries India Private Limited is a Private merged on 27 January 2006. It is categorized as Non-government Company and is listed at Registrar of Companies, Chhattisgarh. Its sanctioned share capital is Rs. 125,000,000 as well as it’s paid up capital is Rs. 112,753,504. It is engaged in FORESTRY, LOGGING AND ASSOCIATED SERVICE ACTIVITIES

This Trademark Name 
Ultra Care TMT is used by Pilania Industries India Pvt. Ltd.

This Symbol was applied on 25 August 2009

This Application has been filed by their representative RAKESH SONI.


Why Ultra Care TMT is used in construction?

Fire Resistant:
Globally several a buildings collapsed due to fire threats. TMT Bars can engross heat up to six hundred degree Celsius. These are the usefulness of the TMT steel bars. For all sort of construction purposes the TMT bar is required and it makes every structure tough and everlasting.

UltraCare TMT steel bars price list:

UltraCare TMT Steel  12mm

Rs 64,425 /  MT

As On 18 April 2022

UltraCare TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 67,675 /  MT

As On 18 April 2022

UltraCare TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 65,425 /  MT

As On 18 April 2022

UltraCare TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 66,685 /  MT

As On 18 April 2022

UltraCare TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 65,375 /  MT

As On 18 April 2022

UltraCare TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 65,375 /  MT

As On 18 April 2022


Is TMT essential for steel?

If you aim to construct a home in an extremely flood-prone area, you are supposed to buy corrosion-resistant TMT Steel bars. Decent quality TMT steel bars endure saline water, humidity content in the atmosphere in addition to other structure weakening components. This will defend the building for a long era of time.

Why steel bars are utilized in construction?

The steel offers great strength to the house construction. In fact, the holt rolling course through which such steel bars are created leads to the formation of deformities over the surface of the bras called ribs), which help make a storing bond by the concrete.

How can you say the quality of steel?

Check for trademark of steel, diameter as well as grade of steel imprinted on steel bars. Cut the samples of one meter in length, min four numbers of bars from diverse bundles. Evaluate the length of cut bars by calculating it on at-least 4 sides as well as average out the length of the bar. Weight the bar on weight scale as well as record it in your register.

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Tmt Bars is used when

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