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uPVC Casement Window: A brief Introduction

A casement window is the name given to the usual style of UPVC window discovered in homes across the UK. It is hinged at the peak or else the side, as well as swings either outwards or inwards. Its glossy, simple design makes it appropriate for most types of property.

What are the benefits of casement windows?
Normally, casement windows are the 2nd most energy competent type of window, subsequent to fixed-pane windows. While closed, casement windows contain an airtight seal, preventing unnecessary airflow into as well as out of the house.

Are casement windows more secure?
A casement window is one of the safest kinds of windows for a home for the reason that when it's closed as well as latched, it can't be opened from outside.

Are casement windows superior?
At the same time as both replacement window options are energy competent, casement windows are more energy resourceful since they are not flexible through design.

Are casement windows superior to double hung?
So, in case you are trying to fill a large opening and desire it to open, a double-hung is almost certainly your best bet. In case you prefer casement windows for the same large opening you might require to put in 2 casement windows, adding to the cost as well as cutting down on visible glass because of the additional frame and sash at

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