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uPVC Windows: Technical Specifications

uPVC windows and doors are getting positioned in the flats as well as houses for a long time. The uPVC material characteristics make it a unique choice for the residents. As far as its technical specifications are concerned, following discussion will help you in this regard: 


uPVC Windows Profile
The profiles are void, multi-chambered along with steel reinforced with an external wall thickness of 2. 2 mm.


uPVC Construction
The window unit is planned with all corners, transom/mullion joints mitered as well as fusion welded. The whole window is steel reinforced, which additionally increases the structural reliability of the frame. The window unit is premeditated such that water drainage does not go by through the reinforcement chamber. The product is actually free from all sharp edges as well as blurs.


Hardware and Sanitary fittings
All hardware together with its fixings is of materials resistant to or else protected against atmospheric oxidization. Where hardware is fixed all the way through the reinforcement, all screws break in the reinforcement by as a minimum 2 mm. The windows fit in a large variety of security devices like multi-point locking incorporating espagnolettes with mushroom headed catch. Handles along with locks are designed so that they cannot be freed from the outside by any machinery.


The Window Systems can be fixed straightforwardly to the brickwork or neighboring structure by means of proprietary fixings as well as silicon sealant. On the other hand, a variable fixing plug fixed to the outer surface of the frame can be basically fixed to the structure, no matter what the hollow space width, no timber or other sub frames are essential.


The upvc Window System can be inside or outwardly glazed with sole glazing in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm in addition to double-glazing upto 30mm.


Water Drainage
Water drainage is completed in the profile to make certain that if any water comes because of an open window then it is without delay drained out

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