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Are UPVC Windows cheaper than wood?



UPVC vs. Wooden Windows and Doors

UPVC products have gained much popularity these days due to their innumerable matchless characteristics. The substance is more firm and solid and is acknowledged for offering long-lasting results. uPVC, one of the most perfect framing as well as profiling materials, No additives or else plasticizers are added for the duration of the manufacturing course.

After it has been manufactured, countless production companies strengthen the uPVC thru inserting a core of galvanised steel to enhance strength. At present, it has has become a chosen choice for doors as well as indoors. In addition to these, the substance is also considered a good selection for plumbing. It is used in guttering as well as pipes.

What Are the Pros as well as Cons of UPVC doors and windows?


  • These doors or windows can endure harsh weather elements as well as can last long during adverse climate conditions. It can be the greatest solution for those areas prone to volatile rains. As it is nonporous, any fluids together with rainwater will bounce off it in place of causing any injury.

  • UPVC doors and windows give a luxurious look to your house, thereby magnifying its appeal.

  • The material is ecologically friendly as well as recyclable. It will not hurt the environment in any way. It can be a great solution in case you want economical as well as environmentally-friendly doors or windows for your house.

  • The maintenance necessities are also negligible. With little maintenance, you can make use of this material for more than 3 decades.

  • Efficiency and security of uPVC doors and windows are incredible. They are amazingly safe and secure, providing exceptional performance and strength. Low maintenance, thermally proficient, and acoustically sound, it's a perfect material to use for front as well as back doors alike.

  • It will not bend or cause shape change because of dampness penetration. The material will get wet rapid and will dry out speedily without leaving any enduring impact. The shape will remain precise and stable all through its lifespan.

  • UPVC is resilient. It can last nearby three decades. Nevertheless, the material quality along with the design of your door might affect durability.

  • The material is extremely energy-efficient, and it offers first-rate insulation as well.


  • These doors and windows have a restricted variety of colours to pick from. These do not allow the usage of paint or gloss.

  • They are liable to drooping as well as sashing for the reason that these are light in weight.


What Are the Pros as well as Cons of Wooden Door and Windows?


  • wooden door or window can make your property attractive and sophisticated.

  • It is a decent insulator.

  • Wooden doors will not rust and corrode with systematic maintenance.

  • It offers a strong as well as uniform manifestation.


  • Wood is costly.

  • The material will demand additional maintenance.

  • It can catch fire as well as pose dangers to your property.

  • It is not a good decision for rainy areas.

  • Tight fitting door or tough to open window - Since termites demolish timber, their filth or 'mud' creates a defensive atmosphere that traps heat as well as dampness. This causes timber to swell, creating it tougher to open or close the infected windows as well as doors.

What Is Correct for You?

Both wooden as well as UPVC doors feature some greatest qualities. You can pick any of them. Prior to deciding on these materials, you shall have to consider a few factors for example cost, design, and strength.

For instance, if you have an inadequate budget, you can go with UPVC material. You are going to spend additional on the wooden door. Let’s make a reasonable comparison of both to recognize which one is a better selection.

Maintenance: UPVC doors demand a slight maintenance contrasted to a wood door. You shall have to repaint your wood door in 3 to 5 years to retain the impressive appearance.

Quality:   uPVC is strong and can give the best safety to your house.

Insulation: Wood might be a good insulator. It can increase thermal efficiency. Nevertheless, users will have to deal with the door regularly to curtail the possibility of decomposing, cracking, and twisting.

Cost: Wooden doors are costly than UPVC doors.

As specified earlier, both wooden doors as well as UPVC doors will have some individual features. When installed suitably, they can boost the look of any house. Both these kinds have some positives as well as negatives. You can think through both to find the fit one. With a controlled budget, you can accept UPVC doors. You can acquire them at an inexpensive rate. Also, the maintenance requirements are negligible. These are strong and hard-wearing.

Further, the uPVC windows have life longer without too much pains and/or requirement for luxurious maintenance. These are simple to preserve. You don't require taking care or repairing such windows. Wooden windows, in contrast, need expensive maintenance as well as treatments at regular intervals.

Why are uPVC windows and doors better than their wooden counterparts?

uPVC doors and windows vs. wooden doors and windows maintenance

uPVC is a non-corrosive material and will not corrode or rot over time. Opposite to them, wooden windows do need some maintenance to retain them both looking as well as working their best. Without good care, a wooden window could straightforwardly begin to distort or weather.

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