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Basic Vastu Tips to Take Care during Home Construction



Building your home is your dream and your aspirations along with hard earned money have been mingled in it. Since, it is not only a configuration made of concrete, bars or other materials but an actual shape of your imagination. Hence, proper care should be taken while its construction materials in order to rule any hassles in future. Following points throw more light from the perspective of Vastu: 

  1. In case you have already purchased a plot for your new home plus aren’t able to begin the for any cause, get the central section of the land cleaned and obtain a slope created towards the North or else East direction.
  2. Even as entering the plot, you ought to forever enter from the way where you will be constructing the main gate of your residence.
  3. All the 4 directions for the plot must be 90 degrees to achieve progress and prosperity.
  4. Water is a representation of money and affluence. According to vastu, the place with water underneath it never runs out of money.

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