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Vectus Water Tank: Premium Quality water Tank in India

Best water tank in India Delhi Gurgaon Noida

Vectus water tank is a complete water storage solution provider company. With its three decades of reliance, superior quality, cutting-edge technology in addition to consumer-friendly designs, its plastic water storage tanks contains a track record of excellence, creating it the finest water tank brand in business. Its overhead water tanks, Underground water tanks.

The need for a well-organized water tank

The typical daily consumption of water in India per person ranges from 200-300 litres. This takes a toll on our natural resources, particularly seeing our ever-growing population. At a domestic level, we can prepare our bit in using water sensibly by taking steps to conserve it in the greatest way potential. This is where Vectus Water storage Tanks come into picture. Plastic tanks for water storage are the maximum reliable and suitable way to store water for advanced use, be it for everyday household use, agricultural use or industrial use. Vectus is one of the finest water tank companies that offers treasured water tank price lists, varying from Overhead Water Tanks to upper tanks are strong, tough, anti-bacterial by UV protection technology as well as leak proof.

Vectus manufactures an all-embracing range of water storage tanks for agricultural, industrial in addition to domestic applications rotating around Overhead Water Tanks, Loft Tanks and Underground Tanks by using 2 processes, namely Roto Moulding as well as Blow Moulding technologies, these create it truly stand out as the top water tank brand in India.

What is Rotational Moulding technology?

Rotational moulding includes a heated hollow mould which is occupied with a charge or else shot weight of material. It is then gradually rotated (typically around two perpendicular axes) rooting the softened material to scatter and stick to the walls of the mould. In order to preserve even thickness all over the part, the mould endures to rotate at all times all through the heating phase. It as well rotates during the cooling stage to avoid sagging or deformation. Vectus, as the finest water tank company, has mounted state-of-the-art plants which are in fact one of their kinds in the subcontinent, encircling the complete process internal, commencement from extrusion, liquidation to roto moulding on Bi-Axial RotoMoulding machine, building for excellent plastic tanks for water storage

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