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Advantages of Vedic plaster in India


The registration of Vedic Plaster an Indian association under MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) occured in April 2018, but the notion hit Dr. Shiv Darsha Malik earlier in 2009.
Vedic Plaster is an organization which creates plaster for walls as well as floors without using the conservative method and constituents.

Major Revolution:

The major revolution achieved by Vedic Plaster is replacing cement by Indian breed cow dung.
The formula for mingling cow dung and gypsum together with other natural components proved valuable for the making of plaster. The thermal insulating properties of cow dung plaster contain a cooling effect in summers as well as keep houses warm during winters. Unlike cement plaster which builds homes warmer in summers as well as cooler during winters.

One more great property is it acts as an air purifier plus releases positive energy in your house.
The radiation guarding properties make it all the additional favourable for the users by shielding them from harmful rays. The plain requirements of applying plaster on walls are nominal without over usage of water as essential in another case. The profitable cow dung plaster which is way cheaper as compared to the cement plaster is the reason for its success.

Taking Care of Global Issues:

Looking at the global issues similar to global warming, unemployment, food security issues, population and numerous more as listed by United Nations, the single option left is to go for ecological natural resources.
The sustainable solutions presented by sustainable tycoons one day will become the backbone of the whole globe. The depleting role of biodiversity covering varied species of animals, plants, humans etc. require to be highlighted again in order to search for more sustainable solutions.

Profits of Vedic Plaster: As no curing is mandatory it saves thousands of litters of water. Save Electricity which was necessary to pump water when curing cement plaster. It's a thermal insulator thus keeps your building cooler in summer and hotter during winters.

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