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NCL Veka: Leading uPVC brand in India


NCL VEKA is a market front-runner in uPVC profiles in India. Through a countrywide presence, the company provides personalized solutions in windows and doors which are particularly designed to suit the severe climatic as well as environmental conditions in India.

Exact Engineering for Your WINDOWS

At NCL VEKA, the company not just put windows together, but it engineers them to be impeccable. With an attention to details which border on obsession, it crafts the windows with utmost precision.

Each time you touch it, or even aspect at it, you experience the brilliance of German engineering at work. It’s either flawless, or it is not.

Two Leaders - One Boundless Partnership

  • NCL VEKA is in fact a joint venture between NCL, India as well as VEKA, Germany.

  • The two behemoths have a united experience of 90 years in window production.

  • The firm has a capacity to assemble 24,000 tonnes of profiles every year which can roughly meet the necessities of 3, 00,000 homes. Whereas NCL has the main network of dedicated fabricators in the nation, VEKA AG is the main uPVC manufacturer in the world through presence across fourty countries.

  • The coming organized of the two giants denotes that the products not just follow to the European standards, but is also best matched for Indian state of affairs.

The Window Engineers

A seamless window is a culmination of numerous things done to excellence. While most window manufacturers are pleased designing windows, NCL VEKA has taken the art of window-making a mark higher to find the flawless solution for your household. It has turned it into an obsession by observing into the smallest details.

Right from acquiring the best quality PVC to transforming them into strongest profiles, its attention to details guarantees that nothing is left to chance. So that, each window coming out of its factory is nothing short of a work of engineering which lasts for generations.



Envision waking up to an appearance of a beautiful sunrise. Through NCL VEKA uPVC sliding windows, which can be a reality. Through a gentle push, its sliding windows glide open sideways through the help of rollers, providing easy access to the beauty exterior. These uPVC sliding windows are best appropriate for apartments, villas and offices. Accessible in a range of sizes, they can also be fixed with fly mesh depending on singular preferences.


Flood your home through the beauty of the external world with these uPVC sliding doors. Through a gentle push, its sliding doors glide open sideways, providing easy access to outside spaces. These sliding doors are best matched for spaces with balconies or verandas. Existing in a range of sizes, they can also be tailored with fly mesh depending on individual inclinations.


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