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Vibrant TMT: Providing Assured Strength to your Building


Vibrant TMT: Producing International Quality

Agarwal TMT Industries Pvt. Ltd. was set up as a steel (TMT Bars) manufacturing facility positioned at village Ranesar in close nearness of Ahmedabad with the objective of proposing high class products in steel for the industry. This aim is becoming even more pertinent now with the world-wide campaign for 'Make in India' that will claim excellence in all inputs. Steel is also a chief component of numerous infrastructure projects where consistent performance is vital.
State of– the–Art Technology abilities will help achieve some of the ambitions of the country and endure to raise the standards in the building industry with the radical 'VIBRANT-TMT' Bars. (BIS: 1786 : 2008 Certified)

Vibrant TMT Steel Bar

Size Price Date
8mm Rs.59,550 MT to Rs.64,550 MT 2021

The Corporation is promoted by industry experts with rich experience in expanded businesses.
One of the marketers is from STEEFO INDUSTRIES, having rich experience as well as global presence. Steefo is a producing and consulting company providing its services in the steel rolling mill industry since 4 decades. So the trademark 'VIBRANT-TMT' is an effect of persistent drive, research by innovation and passion for excellence.

Right from its planning phase the company has measured the sensitivities of issues associated with the atmosphere and all stakeholders-customers, workforces, businesses partners, community to confirm that a balanced process is followed which harms none and benefits all. It has been plus will continue investing its resources towards attaining this purpose on account of its self-adopted social, national and international commitment.

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Agarwal TMT rebars come with a chain of inherent advantages similar to consistent quality along with constant grades, dimensions as well as tolerances. It also comes with greater stability, properties for advanced durability and easy workability.

High Strength for Critical Uses

The Agarwal TMT Re-bars Fe 500D is a distinct grade of TMT Re-bars produced under explicit process conditions resulting in augmented strength as contrasted to other grades of TMT Rebars. Fe 500D Rebars are perfect for applications in heavy load RCC structures identical to flyovers, dams, bridges in addition to other critical constructions where high yield load (design load) is mandatory without compromising on the ductility. Along with the features of Agarwal TMT Re-bars display the below mentioned characteristics

Special Weld ability

Re-bars do not need pre or post welding treatment since they have low carbon content and are formed under controlled thermo mechanical therapy.

Sophisticated Corrosion Resistance

The measured thermo mechanical treatment also outcomes in a uniform as well as thick tempered martensitic rim, absolutely free from inside stress. This martensitic rim increases the corrosion resistance plus fatigue strength of the Agarwal TMTRe-bars Fe 500D while compared to other TMT Re-bars.


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