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Vijram TMT: Best Construction Steel Bar


VAJRAM TMT: Running Sophisticated Technology


VAJRAM TMT is the first selection of structural engineers for the total best construction steel in Kerala. Its committed exploration of the up-to-date technologies as well as intense in-house R&D has made it one of Kerala's most economical steel producers.

The TMT familiarized Integrated Rolling Technology, an innovative along with eco-friendly system for the production of high-quality steel. The greater design, engineering and class manufacturing process of the TMT provide the steel bars the perfect strength and flexibility required in today's construction industry.

Vijram TMT Steel Rod Price

Size Price Date
12mm Rs.56,050 MT to Rs.64,500 MT 2022


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Superior Product Line


Its TMT Ultra Tensile Steel Bars are impeccable for all kinds of residential, commercial and mega infrastructure projects are offered in sizes fluctuating from 6mm to 32mm. It is a first-rate of modern construction and is generally used in the construction of high-rises as well as mega structures. All the products manufactured experience stringent quality testing procedures and its manufacturing processes are in line with the uppermost level standards. The TMT process offers the bar superior strength along with anti-corrosive properties. Measured water-cooling stops the formation of rough carbides, which has been mentioned as the main reason for the corrosive nature of general bar. Altogether the group make the supreme class TMT Ultra Tensile Steel Bars.


The production is backed with a strong promise to quality. The state-of-the-art technologies as well as industry best practices are tracked to accomplish this goal. The quality control section is well equipped with superior monitoring as well as testing systems and the Engineering plus R&D Division incessantly strives towards improvement of product quality.

  • Enlarged Strength combined thru High Ductility
  • Outstanding Weld capacity without Loss of Strength at Welded Joints

Quality Guarantee

All steel products are checked through at numerous processes and require quality inspection reports from authoritative third parties. It promises that in advance the goods leave the factory; there will be specialized quality inspection personnel to organize on-site inspections of materials, conditions, etc., and take pictures as well as archive.

The company guarantees the weight of the goods delivered ought to be in agreement with that in the contract.

Attention on Quality

Quality is its chief concern in how it does things and in precise the most vital characteristic of its products. Enthusiastically promoting quality awareness as well as transparency is an integral part of its corporate philosophy. It specifically set great value upon establishing as well as maintaining good customer relationships. Thru demanding and appreciating its products and services of reliably high quality, it is their customers who ensure its continued market presence and progress.

The firm guarantees the weight of the goods delivered ought to be in agreement with that in the contract.

Quality You Can Count On

Skilled as well as qualified material testers from its quality assurance department screen the quality of its production processes and products with refined software and the newest testing equipment. It uninterruptedly communicates with its production lines and can take instant action, when essential. To continuously improve its products and processes is the accountability of all its employees. The certification of its quality management systems is proof of its deep commitment to and exceptional success in safeguarding consistently high quality.

In all phases of production; Measures, dimensions along with tolerance conformity dimensions determined by the standards are prepared and all functional processes are monitored as well as recorded in the system. At the finale of the production line; Final controls as stated by standard requirements, Regulation of the product's straightening as well as packaging conditions, is noted in the production system.

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