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Maan Shakti TMT: Trusted brand in TMT Rebar


Maan Shakti: Providing Extra Strength to the Construction

TMT bars is a product of Maan Steel & Power Ltd, the tag itself talks about belief for the last 2 decades. Innovation at considerable for future prosperity its endeavour in the group has always been to fortify construction capabilities for a stronger as well as safer tomorrow. Owing to its business capability, innovative approach, in addition to ground-breaking technology, it now leads this way for a novel vertical development model in today’s construction. The whole group takes pride in producing ore to metal under the same roof as well as proudly state Maan Shakti TMT Bar for your protected future.

Maan Shakti TMT Bar Price

Size Price Date
12mm Rs.59,500 MT to Rs.64,500 MT 2021

TMT Bars:

These TMT bars are manufactured in the integrated Steel and Power plant through automated functioning and stringent quality standards ISI 51000935.

Special Features:

The bars get manufactured by distinct metallurgical treatment of low-carbon steel. In addition to this, they lend greater strength to structures. Furthermore, they expand longevity and defend from environmental hazards. Thus, the benefits that you get from the company are:

They Are Fire Resistant:

In point of fact, the TMT bars have solid thermal steadiness. Not just that, they can endure temperatures that array from 400-600 degrees Celsius. Preferably, they are great for fire-prone areas that deliver safety.

They Ensure High Ductility as well as Cohesive Strength:

Rebar TMT rods in fact bend without breaking. Astonishingly, they have outstanding shock absorption properties. And the firm provides you with TMT bars produced using pioneering technology. Likewise, they are unbelievable earth-quake-resistant bars. In fact, they increase excellent flexibility as well as strength.

They Are Malleable as well as Cost-effective

Definitely, the bars are less expensive as compared to standard bars as a result of their higher elongation as well as tensile strength. Furthermore, they are flexible and consent for simple transportation.

They Are Corrosion Resistant:

Precisely, the bars are anti-corrosive. Remarkable to mention, the bars can survive seismic loads. That's what sorts them earthquake-resistant. Moreover, they get engaged in earthquake-prone locations.

Why Choose Maan TMT Rebar?

  1. First of all, they have first-rate ductile strength
  2. They have constant grades
  3. They have great elasticity
  4. They have greater durability
  5. They have healthier yield strength


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