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Today TMT Steel bar Price

What is TMT?

TMT stands for "Thermo-Mechanically Treated." It refers to a type of steel reinforcement bar used in construction. TMT bars are manufactured with a unique process involving controlled heating, rapid cooling, and further tempering. This treatment results in a combination of high strength, excellent ductility, and good weldability. TMT bars are commonly used in reinforced concrete structures to enhance their strength and durability.

TMT Steel Bar Prices in Uttar Pradesh

TMT steel bars are considered as one of the most important components in construction materials. Their prices might vary from one location to other. 

TMT Steel Bar Prices

Noida   Uttar Pradesh 57800
Lucknow  Uttar Pradesh 58200
Ghaziabad  Uttar Pradesh 58100
Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 58700
Agra Uttar Pradesh 58700
Varanasi Uttar Pradesh 58400
Meerut Uttar Pradesh 57900
Bareilly  Uttar Pradesh 58300
Aligarh Uttar Pradesh 58900

Price of 1kg steel: tmt steel price per kg today in india

No. of Pieces                    Length            Min Cost               Max Cost
         1 Piece                      6 meter            Rs 52/Kg               Rs 100/Kg

Size of Saria in Uttar Pradesh:
In the TMT Steel Saria segment, 8-mm, 10-mm along with 12-mm were up by Rs 200 for one to Rs 43,400, Rs 42,700 and Rs 42,000, respectively, at the same time as saria 16-25-mm traded elevated by the same margin to Rs 42,500 every ton.

What are steel prices these days?
Scrap Metal                                               Scrap Price                   Updated Price Date
Copper National Standard                          $3.28/lb                          Updated 11/16/2021
Steel National Standard                              $228.00/ton                   Updated 11/16/2021
Aluminum National Standard                      $0.59/lb                         Updated 11/16/2021

Price of rod:
Usage/Application            Min Cost            Max Cost
Construction                       Rs 90/Kg            Rs 300/Kg
Manufacturing                    Rs 140/Kg          Rs 250/Kg

Weight of 10 mm TMT Steel bar is as follows:
10 mm tmt steel bar weight:-10 mm tmt bar delivered in U shaped bent or straight, a length of approximately 12 meters or 40 feet, usually 10 mm tmt steel bar weight approximately 7.407kg/ piece, 0.617kg/m or else 0.188 kg/foot.

Rate of steel in India:

India Steel Prices are given below-

               Month                  Hot Rolled Coil Cost       Hot Rolled Plate Cost

Nov-2020   44250   45000
Dec-2020   47000  47500
Jan-2021  54500   56250
Feb-2021  52000  52900


Best rod for your roof:

TMT Steel or else TMX steel is a good bet for your house construction. They are the most up-to-date generation of reinforcement steel (high-strength as well as ductile than their predecessors).

Rate of Tata Tiscon In Uttar Pradesh

          Grade                         Min Cost                    Max Cost

Fe 500       Rs 40 per Kg    Rs 75 per Kg
 Fe 500D   Rs 34 per Kg    Rs 47 per Kg
Fe 500    Rs 30000 per Ton Rs 30000 per Ton
Fe 500D   Rs 40000 per Ton  Rs 40000 per Ton

Uttar Pradesh is a growing state in India as compared to any other state. Infrastructural developments like Hospital, Schools, Hotels, residences, Offices, and Shopping malls play a significant role in the development. TMT saria is a most important requirement when Infrastructure development is thinking about.  


What is the price of 12mm Saria weight?

TMT Steel Bar 12mm: starting at 65.02/kg.

What is the price of steel in 1 kg? / What is the Saria rate in UP today?

The price of 1 kg steel is 65 Rs in Uttar Pradesh.

Which TMT bar is best?

or Which Saria is best for house construction?

The best is nonexistent. It is suitable for usage if it has the ISI mark. If two brands both state Fe 500/Fe500D, then they are both providing the same yield strength, which is 500 N/mm^2, or Mpa. Because Fe500D is more ductile, it elongates more readily and performs better in extremely hot and cold temperatures (which are not brought on by the sun!). Fe500 is suitable for a household home. However, it is best to hire an architect to construct your fancy multi-story home so they can advise you on the Fe 500/500D conundrum.

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Laying Down Foundation

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