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Apex Steel Company Details, Rate and Quality



Apex TMT: Residing at the Pinnacle of Success

The meaning of the word ‘Apex’ holds absolutely true for the Apex TMT bars. The brand has established itself at the pinnacle of the construction industry due to its exquisite features.

This is regarded as the most robust and flexible as far as TMT Fe 500 bar is concerned. It is manufactured by Khayati Steel Industries Pvt Ltd, a well-known company. The TMT bar comes with 360 degree benefits that makes it the perfect option for the construction industry, be it a small house or a mega building of national pride. The entire group believes a good product can be produced while you have good method and beliefs.

Know About TMT Steel Bar Thickness

Fe 500 and Fe 500D:

When both these types of TMT bars are considered first-class for diverse types of building projects, the Fe 500 D TMT bars definitely comes with a higher ductile strength as compared to Fe 500 TMT bars. The tensile strength of steel remains the identical for both these products, however difference is merely in the ductility and this is higher in Fe 500 D. Ductility is the capacity of the material, to deform as well as adapt when being stressed thru a load.

While a piece of ductile material is drawn, prior to breaking apart, it shall alter its shape to embrace the stress. In this process, it will also absorb energy. This characteristic offers the Fe500 D TMT bars with the ability to absorb sudden loads, which make them impeccable for different natural disasters such as tsunamis earthquakes as well as cyclones. The security features provided by Fe500 D TMT bars make them well fit for the zones with high seismic activity. 


1. Greater Strength

By applying state of the art Thermex technology the bar is able to achieve greater strength without additions of alloys providing the strength above Fe550.

2. Healthier Bend

Apex bars have first-rate bend properties by reason of the unique ductility attained by using Thermax Technology.

3. Anti-Corrosion

Controlled water cooling stops the formation of coarse carbides, which is mentioned as the main reason for corrosion.

4. Economical

Apex bars need 15-20% less usage than regular bars for the same work with 5% extra costs.

5. Uniformity

Apex thermex are factory-made from their billets. This preserves uniform chemical propositions according to BIS standard.

6. Bonding Strength

Its uniform rib patterns guarantee better bonding strength thru concrete.

7. Weld ability

The bars with carbon content less than 0.25% can be employed for butt and other weld joints without drop in strength at the joints.

8. High Formability

As a result of its high elongation values and reliable properties throughout the length of the bar, the bars have admirable workability.

9. Strain Ageing

These bars show no sign of breakability either throughout welding or cold distortion of welding joints on account of its unique chemical composition.

10. Earthquake Resistant

By reason of its high ductility the bars have high exhaustion resistance to Dynamic /Seismic loads.

11. Fire Resistant

Contrasting to TOR Steel and CTD rebars, these bars have high thermal constancy and are a favoured choice in case of raised temperatures of 400 to 600ºC applications.


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