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Ashirvad Water Tank: Perfect Way for Storing Water in India

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The Ashirvad Pure Water Storage Tanks are manufactured through a triple layer polymer construction which makes these tank highly durable as well as resilient. Equipped with the recognized Nano-Silver technology, these pure tanks are coated with an internal anti-bacterial surface that prevents inner growth as well as infestations on the surface making them suitable for storing drinking water.

Product characteristics

  1. Manufactured with grander Roto molding technology.
  2. Antibacterial tank by way of Nano Silver technology.
  3. Prepared from 100% virgin LLDPE raw material.
  4. UV stable tank
  5. Emanates with dual layered threaded lid
  6. Provides guaranteed actual storage volume.
  7. Ten years warranty.

What is the rate of Ashirvad water tank 1000 LTR?

The rate of water tank 1000 Ltr Ashirvad Colour is at Rs.3000/piece. 

Is Ashirvad water tank worthy?

Further Strong

Triple layer polymer construction enhances strength to the tank-body while confining entry of harmful UV rays. These tanks have extraordinary ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance) that is one of the most common reasons of stress failure in water tanks which is further exacerbated by environmental interaction.

Which colour of water tank is greatest?

UV Rays: Maximum people choose black water tanks for the reason that it absorbs extra heat than other colours, which decreases the penetration of UV rays to a great amount. Countless people also do not go for white water tanks on account of this reason.

What material is applied for Ashirvad WST manufacturing?

The water tanks are designed and analysed by means of advanced software to create a seamless design for grander mechanical properties of influence resistance along with tensile strength using 100% virgin LLDPE stuff.

What does a water tank ensure?

A water tank is in fact a container for storing water. The tanks are used to deliver storage of water for use in several applications, drinking water, fire suppression, irrigation agriculture, agricultural farming, both for plants as well as livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation in addition to many other uses.

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