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Various Storage Tanks: A Brief Introduction

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Kinds of storage tanks

  1. Outside floating roof tanks.
  2. Interior floating roof tanks.
  3. Domed exterior floating roof tanks.
  4. Fixed-roof tanks.
  5. Pressure tanks.
  6. Variable vapour space tanks.
  7. Horizontal tanks.
  8. LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) tanks.


How many forms of tanks are there?

There are two main forms of fuel storage tanks – Aboveground tanks as well as Underground tanks.

What is dissimilarity between vessel and tank?

The primary dissimilarity between these two is that pressure vessels hold liquids/gases at a pressure more than the atmospheric pressure. On the other hand, storage tanks stock either liquids or gases at usual atmospheric pressure.

What are fixed roof tanks utilized for?

Fixed roof tanks are just cylindrical storage tanks which may have flat or (more generally) shallow conical roofs fused to the shell. They are normally used to store large amounts of petroleum distillates, petrochemicals, in addition to other liquid chemicals at atmospheric pressure.

What is the actual purpose of pressure tank?

In addition to adjusting water pressure, a pressure tank offers you instant entrée to well water, without the requirement to manually turn on the pump. Additionally, it lets you to pull well water without the pump cycling on and off every time. This decreases stress on the pump and extends its lifespan.

What are actually Variable vapor space tanks?

These tanks are equipped with stretchy vapour reservoirs to house vapour volume variations attributable to temperature as well as barometric pressure changes.

What is in fact a horizontal tank?

Inside this industry, horizontal tanks are utilized to store as well as transport liquid fertilizer chemicals, water, in addition to other liquid agricultural chemicals for example pest control applications. These tanks are characteristically smaller sized tanks. This denotes that they can be mounted and moved effortlessly.

What are LNG tanks?

LNG provides for well-organized storage as well as transportation of natural gas, plus is vaporized for use by consumers. LNG is commonly stored in large-volume above-ground low-pressure (below 5 pounds per square inch gauge) tanks. It is double-walled, through a carbon steel outer wall along with a nickel-steel inner tank.

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