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Bansal Super TMT: Best For Construction

Bansal TMT saria Price in Madhya Pradesh Bhopal

Bansal TMT: The Symbol of Strength and Test

Bansal TMT is top iron industry in Madhya pradesh well-known in 2007 Bansal is recognized for superior steel quality mainly in the field of TMT Bars. Its TMT Bars are renowned and extremely demanded in the central region of India. The TMT offers your construction a new dimension. It is committed to preserve quality products according to ISI standard. The cutting-edge technology of this TMT makes your building earthquake proof.

Pankaj Group is a fast developing company in steel segment in India. It has been active in corporate since 2000. This group was set up as a small scale industry as well as in a very short span of time; it turned out to be a large steel Industry in a steel sector. Through its timeless business philosophy, the group is primes to not just survive but win in a market-place marked by wild change.

Bansal TMT Price Today

Bansal TMT Steel 12mm

Rs 68, 050 /  MT

As on May 20th 2022

Bansal TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 72, 500 /  MT

As on May 20th 2022

Bansal TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 69, 250 /  MT

As on May 20th 2022

Bansal TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 70, 410 /  MT

As on May 20th 2022

Bansal TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 69,000 /  MT

As on May 20th 2022

Bansal TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 69,000 /  MT

As on May 20th 2022

TMT (Thermo - Mechanically Treated) Bars or else TMT Sariya are reinforced bars holding a hard external core and a soft internal core used in all kinds of general and heavy construction together with building, infrastructural projects, dams, housing projects, bridges and houses.

TMT bars considered as best bars for all weather conditions with torrential rain, earthquake to harden your construction and also aid the building from catching fire as well as bond seamlessly with cement, and is robust to any type of load.

TMT bars are a quality product for strong as well as tough construction; it comprises numerous grades together with FE-500, FE-500D, FE-550.

Why TMT Bars:

TMT Sariya or bars is the unsurpassed choice of all kinds of construction as a result of the following characteristics.


Earthquakes are turning out to be common in some parts of India. An earthquake is diverse than another disaster similar to heavy wind, which forces or else attacks all the building. Earthquake, earth moves, as well as the structure foundation directly affected to its impact. The structure or construction that shapes from the steel TMT bar is decent earthquake resistance. Steel TMT bars have a hard outer core and a soft internal core that provide construction elasticity and strength.

Ductile and Strength:

TMT reinforcing bar contains an inner as well as outer ring; the soft inner layer provides the rebar bendability as well as provides healthier ductility. In the TMT bars manufacturing course elements similar to sulphur and phosphorous are decreased and silicon plus manganese are added which creates the rebar even additional ductile. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, therefore steel TMT bar comprise ductility as well as flexibility

High Thermal Resistance:

How much the material can fight back the flow of heat, illustrated the thermal resistance property of that material, today engineer contemplate the high thermal resistance bars to make the foundation of the construction, which has a tough surface outside through soft-core inside which comes through three steps manufacturing process comprises quenching, Self Tempering, Atmospheric cooling. Its high Thermal Resistance properties raise the life span of the construction therefore economic savings to the projects.

Bansal TMT Bars

These TMT bars are the unsurpassed choice for general to heavy construction due to their properties like corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, high thermal resistance, ductility as well as bendability. Bansal TMT Sariya is the major manufacturer as well as supplier of central India(Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh). Several mega marvel projects have been (railway, collages, shopping mall, housing) constructed from the Bansal TMT re-bars and numerous construction businesses trust the excellence of these TMT Bars.

Why Bansal TMT Bars

Bansal TMT Sariya tracks the industry's best producer as well as advanced techniques to make TMT bars all its raw material and final products undertake a strict check to guarantee quality.

To make the TMT Sariya or else rebar it uses 100% billet and roll it by a rolling machine, its TMT bars undertake a strict quality check prior to dispatch.”“ Bansal TMT Bars are simply weldable because of their low carbon that is constrained to 0.25%. The below mentioned tests are done to ensure the Finest Quality TMT Bars: Tensile Test, Yield Stress Test, Bend Test along with Re-bend Test, Chemical Analysis Test

Bansal TMT Product Size:

These TMT Bars come in different diameters similar to 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, as well as so on.

Bansal Sariya Grade


Longer life because of higher corrosion resistance Yield strength through good ductility and bendability


Yield strength by good ductility and bendability appropriate for earthquake resistance construction


High Thermal Resistance as well as quality tested fit for building and megaproject construction

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