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Top TMT Bars in Madhya Pradesh


There are a number of TMT brands in Madhya Pradesh. However, following brands give life to construction projects on the soil of this state. The requisite details are as follows:

The prime motive of the corporation is to deliver the greatest quality of steel products for building the nation. It manufactures durable, secure and rust—resistant reinforcement TMT Rebars with Trademark Name “BANSAL TMT SARIYA”

1. Goel TMT

Re-bars offer core strength to various buildings. Goel TMT is one of the primary brands in Central India along with its ever-growing network of Dealers; it is now making its existence felt across India. It enjoys a main share of the market in Central India thru more than 400 dealers across Central as well as Western India.

This TMT provides a wide range of products similar to Re-bars, Binding Wires and Wire Rods.

2. GK TMT Bar

Real Ispat and Power Ltd (RIPL), the group’s top company come into steel industry in the year 2002 as well as has gradually and steadily amplified its contribution in the same ever since.

The group’s vision is to endeavour for quality and to become an entire benchmark in the steel industry for quality, integrity, service, innovation as well as hard work through interruption and distinguished and high-class culture development.

The group aims at Complete Customer Satisfaction (CCS) by a strict policy of ‘zero tolerance’ in value and service. Its resources are absolutely tailored towards Cost Effectiveness as well as Process Efficiencies.

3. Fortune TMT Bar

Extensively recognized as TMT, Thermo Mechanically Treated steel is a greater version of the metal. Fortune Group Steel is a progressive and high strength alternative of steel having enhanced chemical and mechanical properties meeting global quality standards.

Under TMT directed at state-of-the-art industrial facilities of the group, steel bars are completed to pass through a particularly designed water quenching process and at that time it is mechanically routed to cooling bed, wherever heat flows from the core to the external surface causing additional tempering of the steel bars thus resulting in higher strength as well as temperature resistant of steel.

Fortune Group TMT bars are accessible in Fe - 415 , Fe - 500 , Fe - 550 , Fe 500D , Fe -550 D of IS: 1786 grade.

4. Moira TMT

Moira Sariya was set up in Madhya Pradesh for the manufacturing of iron as well as steel products in 1987. Today, it is one of India’s foremost manufacturers and suppliers of high class TMT bars. Moira has continuously looked at puzzling, changing, and developing its processes through incessant modernization, critical skill development, as well as adopting the up-to-date manufacturing and management practices.

Its plant is spread across forty five acres of land in the Pithampur industrial belt, its technologically advanced plants employ more than seven hundred strong workforce to supply five lakh tons of steel per annum. The TMT Sariya is produced by completely automatic, computerized new plants which employ refined German technology as well as design. Its team of qualified and trained specialists yields CRS Sariya of Grade Fe-500, Fe-550, Fe-500 D as well as Fe-550 D.

5. Bansal TMT

Bansal TMT is foremost iron industry in Madhya pradesh set up in 2007 Bansal is acknowledged for superior steel quality particularly in the field of TMT Bars. These TMT Bars are well-known and extremely demanded in the central region of India. It gives your construction a new dimension.

The company is dedicated to maintain quality products according to ISI standard. The advanced technology of the TMT makes your building earthquake proof.

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