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Beacon Elevators: Best for Vertical Motion in Buildings

These days, all new elevators are microprocessor based and computer-controlled. This lets the elevator system to put cabs where they are most required in the interest of smooth running, through behavior based on analysis of building use known as “Traffic Studies”. Traffic studies are conducted by expert elevator consultants. Beacon has a team of dedicated engineers and technicians to execute such analysis and emerge with a potential solution of clients’ vertical movement requirements.  Beacon Elevator Co. Pvt. Ltd. is quickly coming out as a leader, in vertical motion technologies which enable utility and industry consumers to enhance performance while lowering environment influence.

Passenger Elevators:

A passenger lift is designed to carry people from point 1 to point 2 vertically. The contemporary passenger lift is an easy means of transportation within a building. Its capacity is directly associated with the related floor space. Normally passenger capacity ranges from 4 to 26 passengers and speed fluctuating from 0.5 meter/sec to 2.5 meter/sec. Beacon offers all types of passenger elevators whether manually operated or auto door with collection of aesthetic preferences for interior, false ceiling or flooring.

Automobile/Car Elevators:

A car elevator is mounted where ramps are considered space-in conservative for smaller constructions (typically in apartment buildings where frequent access is not a difficulty, however, car workshop where car space usage is much significant). The car platforms are upstretched and lowered in similar fashion as freight elevators except for the reality that load and size carrying capacity of Lift platform is in harmony with weight and dimensions of largest vehicles to be transported among floors. Beacon offers all kinds of vehicle elevators from 1500 kg for smaller cars and 5000 kg for larger cars like tempos and SUVs.        


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Lot of Material Required to build Super structure. Comaron Gurgaon provides you all the product related to Super structure for any construction.