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Schindler Elevators: Best Brand Name in Elevator


Schindler Elevators: Customized Solutions


Passenger Elevators

  • Schindler 1000

Its practical passenger elevator for low- to mid-rise housing buildings is easy to plan, fast to install, and inexpensive to maintain.

  • Schindler 3000

Its flexible passenger elevator solution matches form with its function. It is the perfect all-around passenger elevator for numerous different building types as well as uses.

  • Schindler 5500

You can discover out how the Schindler 5500, its mid-rise passenger elevator for profit-making buildings, lifts functionality along with style to the next level.

  • Schindler 7000

Meet the Schindler 7000, its passenger elevator for high-rise buildings that surpasses the demanding stipulations for tall structures.

Freight elevators

Do you wish to transport heavy freight and goods? Let us benefit you find the elevator with the correct load-bearing capacity to meet your necessities. The company has fitted freight elevators in warehouses, industrial plants, shopping centres and more. It can help solve the complex transportation desires with simple, flexible, durable, economical products.

Special applications

Schindler provides a selection of standard features along with finishes for passenger elevators. However sometimes something special is compulsory. When that is the case, the company can work with you to offer a custom elevator design limited merely by your imagination. 

Escalators and Moving walks

Our escalators as well as moving walks aid people get to where they require going in buildings similar to airports, train stations, in addition to shopping malls, where mass movement is portion of the equation.

  • Schindler 9300

Improved safety features, energy efficiency, in addition to space savings, the Schindler 9300 escalator defines high-tech for moving people in commercial and public spaces.

  • Schindler 9700

The Schindler 9700 escalator is the perfect mobility solution for large public spaces through high-traffic demands, identical to airports and train stations.

Maintenance, Services and Repair

Spread the lifetime of your elevators, escalators, along with moving walks. Its maintenance plans and complementary services are personalized to fit your building and requirements.

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