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Escon Elevators: Sophisticated Technology with Best Performance

Few Best Escon Elevator safety features

  1. Protection brakes.

  2. Door sensors.

  3. Door closing manoeuvres.

  4. Hoist way door interlocks.

  5. Door restraints.

  6. Hoist way security switches.

  7. Pit buffers.

  8. Emergency evacuation feature.

Why Escon Elevators:

Escon elevator improves your independence as well as increases your movement, promoting a healthier quality of life every day. And over, using these elevators instead of the stairs can decrease tiredness, soreness along with strain on your body.

What are the features of Escon high speed elevators?

All machines are everlasting magnet gearless kind with dual disk brakes and are armed with the up-to-date in vertical transport technology — together with energy-saving regenerative drives as well as destination controls.

What is the purpose of elevators?

Elevator, also called lift, car which shifts in a vertical shaft to transport passengers or freight between the levels of a multi-storey building. Most contemporary elevators are pushed by electric motors, with the assistance of a counterweight, by a system of cables as well as sheaves (pulleys).

What are the constituents of elevator?

  • Cabin/ Car. This is the key part of Elevator which is designed for surrounded transport of passengers and goods.

  • Cable (Rope) it is utilized to backing the car (passing over the drive sheave to the counterweight) and pulls the car.

  • Elevator Engine.

  • Drive unit.

  • The counter weight.

  • Controller.

  • Hoist way. .

  • Guide Rails.

What is the main principle of elevator?

Elevators act on the principle of leverage to remove a tooth from its socket. The fulcrum is typically the crest of the socket bone; nevertheless, adjacent teeth can be used in case they are also to be extracted.

Which motor is employed in elevator?

DC cumulative compound motor includes high starting torque up to 450% depending upon the point of compounding. The speed regulation is fluctuating up to 25 ~ 30%. That's why these motors are employed in elevators.

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