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Factors affecting the price of Home Elevator/ lift

The Ascent of Home Elevators: Revolutionising Home Living

In recent years, the idea of home elevators has raised the standard of comfort and décor in multi-story homes to an entirely new level. These lifts not only enhance a home's aesthetic appeal but also greatly simplify the experience of moving between floors for its occupants. Home lifts are among the greatest strategies to give your house a cutting-edge makeover, regardless of whether they decide to have it built outdoors or inside.

Home lift and elevator price in Gurgaon

Numerous options are available for customization, including doors, interior designs, and a range of colors. Every part is made to take up the least amount of space possible without requiring extensive building, adding mobility and a beautiful look to your house. The Cibes Group's home lifts are incredibly versatile, allowing users to access any space with ease.

There are many things to take into account when determining the cost of a home lift, and the price might change dramatically depending on the model you choose and the customizations you require. A quick online search for "home lift cost" can yield results ranging from Rs 3.50 lakh for a manual lift to Rs 8 lakh for an automatic one. How therefore might one calculate the cost of a home lift?

Depending on the project, conducting in-depth research is necessary to ensure a smooth transition from planning to completion. It becomes increasingly crucial to evaluate the various aspects that will ultimately affect how much your home lift will cost.

What factors affect the price of Home Elevator/Lift

The list that follows is meant to provide you a ballpark figure for your project's expenses.

Size of house: How many stories does the elevator have to go up and down?

Dimensions: It is crucial to thoroughly assess the space on your property that will be needed for the installation of the lift before selecting the model. Additional variables that affect the installation include the design of the car and the size of its platform, as well as how the landing and hoistway are arranged. 

Additionally, evaluate whether using a wheelchair that reclines is necessary due to any medical concerns. A massive lift car would be required in such a situation.

Car size: There are three different car sizes available: 36 by 36 inches, 42 by 42 inches, and 36 by 48 inches. The optimal car size to choose if you need to accommodate a wheelchair is 36 in x 48 in.

Elevator layout: Where would the lift's entrance and exit remain? Do they need to be arranged differently or are they on the same side?

Load capacity is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a home lift. You would need to know if it would be used by an unsupported wheelchair user or how many passengers are anticipated to use it in a single journey in order to determine the load capacity.

The capacity ranges from 500 to 1500 pounds.

Vehicle Design It may be useful for you to know about design galleries if you choose to have custom-designed home lifts that complement your décor and style.

  • What supplies would be needed?
  • Which design features would still be there—lights, railings, or fixtures?
  • Which kind of doors—car or hoistway—would you prefer?

Drive System: You could already have a preference if you are familiar with the various lift drive systems.Whether you would rather not utilise hydraulic fluid in your home and instead employ screw-driven technology. Your own selections would work best for you.

Safety Features: Verify that your purchase includes all required safety features, such as an emergency stop button, emergency alarm and light system, rope safety system, non-skid platform, key lock system, and cable safety devices.

Check to make sure the governing body's standards are met and that IN Safety Standards are being followed.

Installation: Every lift type has a different installation procedure. For example, in order to build a pit for a hydraulic lift, demolition and remodeling are necessary. However, in the case of screw-driven technology, no PIT or machine room is needed.

You would require knowing

  • In the event that work involving electricity is required
  • How many artisans would be engaged in this?
  • What would the permit process still entail?
  • What other expenses, beyond the installation of the elevator, would be incurred?

Maintenance: Are there extra expenses associated with the house lift company's continuous maintenance program? How often would the maintenance visits occur going forward?

What is covered by the warranty for a residential lift? Does it come with any extra costs or not? For what duration is it verified?

Additional Costs

The considerations mentioned above are just a handful of the numerous factors that can influence the ultimate cost of a home lift. If you still have questions, you may go through our FAQ section, which addresses the majority of them in-depth. Here, you can learn about the entire procedure and get answers to questions like these:

  • How do I install a home elevator?
  • Are home elevators safe?
  • Can an in-home elevator help keep me safe? And more

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