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Beekay Steel: Meeting the Requirements in Construction

Beekay TMT steel Price Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu India West Bengal

For over 50 years Beekay Steel has been meeting the changing requirements of steel customers. In the present day through plants in West BengalJharkhand, Andhra Pradesh as well as Tamil Nadu, it produces the widest chain of steel products among steel producers having an annual turnover of more than Rs.800 crore which speaks of its production muscle.

The company employs a variety of processes, for example Hot Rolling, Thermo-Mechanical Treatment (TMT), Cold Drawing, Peeling & Grinding as well as Machining to yield steel to your plan. Its goods are used mostly for Engineering Industries, Railways, Automobile Components, and Infrastructure. It produces steel of customize shapes, size along with characteristics.

In case you are looking for tailor finished (or standard) steel to meet your necessities get in touch with the company. It guarantees scrupulous quality transparent transactions as well as flexible production, and definitely, competitive prices.

Beekay Steel TMT BARS Price List: 

Beekay Steel TMT 8 mm Price

Rs 68,200 /  MT

As on 02 June 2022

Beekay Steel TMT 12mm Price

Rs 65,400 /  MT


As on 02 June 2022

Beekay  Steel TMT 16mm Price

Rs 66,600 /  MT


As on 02 June 2022

Beekay  Steel TMT 25mm Price

Rs 66,100 /  MT


As on 02 June 2022

TMT Bars

After gaining numerous years of experience in contract business for Tata Steel, Beekay shall begin production of TMT bars under its own make name. To be completed by the Tempcore course, these high quality TMT Bars discover use in core infrastructure development similar to construction of multi storey buildings, dams, bridges, railways, power plants as strengthening material.


  1. Improved Fire Resistance
  2. Higher Strength as well as Ductility
  3. Greater Weld ability, Bendability as well as Bonding
  4. Larger Corrosion Resistance
  5. Correct Weight according to ISI Standards

Quality is the mode of life at Beekay group. It’s idea of total quality is confirmed in its strict controls on raw materials, manufacture process and on the quickness with which the product reaches its clients.

Its quality systems are designed to provide consistency, reliability and customization. It has healthy quality control systems at every phase of the supply chain, i.e. right from attaining of raw material, Processing, as well as up to delivery of finished goods. It endeavours to continuously upgrade its capabilities and update process controls as well as product checks to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.


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