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Birla TMT Bars: The Symbol of Excellence in India

Strongest TMT in India

Commonly famous as TMT, Thermo Mechanically Trusted Steel is a higher version of the metal. Birla TMT Steel is a radical and high strength alternative of steel having improved chemical and mechanical features meeting international excellence standards.

Birla TMT steel bar Saria Rate list:

Birla TMT bar Rate  12mm

Rs 56,265 /  MT

Birla TMT bar Rate  8mm

Rs 59,740 /  MT

Birla TMT bar Rate 16mm

Rs 57,675 /  MT

Birla TMT bar Rate 10mm

Rs 57,945 /  MT

Birla TMT bar Rate 20mm

Rs 58,200 /  MT

Birla TMT bar Rate 25mm

Rs 58,200 /  MT

Under TMT conducted at ultramodern manufacturing abilities of Birla, Steel Bars are prepared to pass through an explicitly designed water quenching method and then it is mechanically routed to cooling bed, where the heat flows from the centre to the outer surface causing additional tempering of the steel bars thus resulting in higher strength as well as temperature resistance of steel.

Birla TMT Bars are accessible in Fe 415, Fe 415 D & Fe 500, Fe 500D & Fe 550, Fe 550D according to IS 1786:2008

Sizes Offered are: 8mm to 32mm

Is Birla TMT worthy?

Quality and Price:

When matched with other Players in the Industry, Birla TMT Steel delivers the products that are invincible in quality, ISO certified as well as are at par in terms of pricing while compared to other varieties in the market.

What are the Process Protocols of Birla TMT?

TMT Manufacturing engineers take inordinate care developing process protocols which are quality-controlled, competent and reasonable while gratifying the product performance requirements specified by its customers.

What is actual TMT Saria?

TMT Bars are thermo-mechanically-treated through foremost world's best expertise for high yield strength. The process involves speedy quenching of the hot bars through a sequence of water jets later than they roll out of the last mill stand. The bars are cooled, letting the main and external temperature to balance.

Which rod is top for roof?

TMX Steel or TMT steel is the top bet for house construction. They are the state-of-the-art generation of reinforcement steel (high-strength as well as ductile than their predecessors

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Tmt Bars is used when

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