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Types Of Bricks use in Construction


The phrase "the core must be strong" is one we frequently hear. Bricks are frequently the building's fundamental material. So, for your ideal home, are you using the proper brick? Here is a list of the top varieties of bricks used in construction, along with recommendations on which one would work best for your ideal home.

  1. Sun- Dried Brick

  2. Burnt clay Bricks

  3. Fly Ash Bricks

  4. Concrete bricks

  5. Engineering Bricks

  6. Calcium silicate Bricks

  7. Fire Bricks

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1- Sun-dried Bricks

The first and most fundamental type of bricks is unburnt or sundried bricks. The name of these bricks themselves explains the manufacturing method. Used frequently in rural regions for temporary buildings, not burned but dried in the sun to harden. These bricks are the best option for temporary structures. They are less fire-resistant and less durable.

2- Burnt clay Bricks

The term Burnt clay brick refers to the sort of brick that is used in building the most frequently used in the construction of significant structures, including building foundations, walls, and columns. They mostly come in four varieties:

3- Fly Ash Bricks

It comprises class C or class F fly ash, which is a byproduct of burning coal combined with water, which is then burnt at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius and is specifically used for construction. Class C fly ash bricks are use for pillars, foundations, and walls because it has a significant proportion of calcium oxide. This brick is also known as a "self-cementing" brick.

4- Concrete bricks

Concrete bricks are made using cement, sand and water. This type of brick can be manufactured in all sizes and shapes. This type of brick reduces the amount of mortar required for construction.

5- Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks are used in particular for their strength, resistance to cold, and resistance to fire. Most frequently utilised in basements where greater than usual requirements for chemical and water resistance exist. They are renowned for having less porosity as well. Among the varieties of bricks used in construction, this stands option for strength.

6- Fire Bricks:

Fire bricks also known as refractory bricks are manufactured using a unique earthing procedure. This type of brick can sustain extremely high temperatures because of its fire-resistance qualities All of this is accomplished without compromising strength, form, size, or preferences. As a result, it is one of the most often utilised forms of brick in India, particularly in its arid and rural areas.

7- Sand lime or calcium silicate bricks:

This type of brick is made using sand lime, or calcium Silicate. This type of brick is used in many types of construction and is also known as one of the primary bricks in India. Whether it is Artistic work or Ornamental works, Sand lime bricks are used as primary bricks. These bricks have a smooth finish, acoustic insulation and good fire resistance quality.

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