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Basic Information Before Purchasing TMT Bars


TMT steel bars are one of the most significant components of the structural system. These bars are the most commonly used steel bars today because of their high tensile strength, healthier elongation, and improved bending strength.

The power of the structure depends upon numerous factors, for example, the design, the quality of the building materials, etc. Thus it is very important to select good quality TMT steel bars for construction, whether you are building your dream home or a commercial structure.

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Things to Check in advance of buying TMT Steel Bars

1. Manufacturing Process

This process plays a vibrant role in making good quality TMT steel bars. Through technological advancement, some new up-to-date manufacturing process has been familiarized, and many of the formerly used techniques have become out-dated.

For illustration, Cold twisted technology has turned out to be out-dated now. Verify whether these bars are produced using the modern temp core technology or not. Tempore technology guarantees superior flexibility as well as strength to the TMT bars.

2. TMT Grades:

The strength of a TMT bar is determined by its grades, the higher its grade, the higher will be its strength. In India, there are many grades available for instance CRS 500D,CRS 550D,CRS 600, Fe415, Fe500, Fe 550 D, Fe 600, Fe 640, etc.

The higher-grade bars can be employed for infrastructure, industrial, as well as large-scale commercial construction work.

While lower grade TMT Bars are fit in making railings, balconies, along with decorative structures. Hence, verify the TMT grades before buying and select according to your necessity.

3. Brand Certification

Brand certification is another major factor to consider while buying TMT bars. It is always prudent to choose TMT brands by BIS and ISO certifications. BIS and ISO certifications guarantee that all the quality and security standards have been monitored.

4. Flexibility

Greatest quality TMT bars must have bendability and flexibility to endure stress for a long period of time.  These properties confirm that the bars do not break or otherwise develop cracks upon bending but recover their shape as well as their form. Cracks increase structural integrity complications.

In earthquake-prone areas or areas with high seismic activity, the elasticity of the bars helps the structure endure high degree shocks and seismic tension without disintegrating. So before buying, always confirm whether the TMT steel bars have adequate flexibility or not. 

5. Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion in bars can generate serious difficulties in buildings. Since TMT bars are incessantly exposed to moisture and other weathering circumstances, they must be corrosion resistant.

In case the construction is going to be in a flood-prone or else heavy rainfall-prone region, the anti-corrosive TMT steel bars will deliver high damage resistance to the building.

These TMT bars could either be CRS grade or epoxy covered. If you are purchasing TMT from a dealer, verify the storage surroundings.

6. Elongation Capacity

Before buying, it is vital to check the elongation ability of TMT bars. Elongation increases the ductility of the TMT bar.

The greater ductile the TMT Bars are the extra you will save on construction and will also be economical to transport from one location to another.

7. Naked Eye Test

Just test whether the bars are rust-free as well as fresh or not. The end length of each pack must be equal. The bars ought to consist of the brand logo.

8. Compare Suppliers

Before purchasing TMT bars, you must study by comparing two or more suppliers to get a hint about which are the most popular, their charges, and their qualities. Once you have an idea of the material, you can make a healthier choice for your construction.

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