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Captain Bar: Leading in TMT 600 EQR Segment in India

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One of the optimum producers of premium steel bars, Captain Steel India Ltd is a fragment of the Captain Steel conglomerate which has interests in Steel, Coking Coal, Ferro Alloys, International Trading in addition to Finance.

Regarded for its class, its flagship product, Captain TMT bars, is nowadays a leading reconstruction steel brand in this portion of the country. The product is employed in large constructions similar to industries, dams, bridges, highways along with other infrastructural projects. Captain TMT is habitually supplied to government bodies, public enterprises as well as large developers. It is equally common among specific house builders, retailers plus masons. Build stronger to end longer, Captain 600 EQR is created to deliver strength and shield to constructions over generations.

Captain TMT Steel bar Rate list:

Captain TMT Steel bar  12mm

Rs 56,525 /  MT

Captain TMT Steel bar  8mm

Rs 59,570 /  MT

Captain TMT Steel bar 16mm

Rs 57,545 /  MT

Captain TMT Steel bar 10mm

Rs 57,575 /  MT

Captain TMT Steel bar 20mm

Rs 58,550 /  MT

Captain TMT Steel bar 25mm

Rs 57,550 /  MT

Captain TMT reinforcement bars are bent from C-15 and C-20 billets at own steel melting shop sanctioning to (IS 2830:1992) through incessant casting machine to yield reinforcement bars in the grades 600, 550, 500 and 415 EQR which are according to IS 1786:2008. The laboratory is well armed with Spectrometer, Universal Tensile Strength Machine in addition to Microscope etc to certify a high grade of products.


  1. Prepared from quality billets – Use of C-20 billets improve the intrinsic quality to endure load under adverse conditions.

2.Much-admired German Technology – Widely commended Thermex Technology, for quenching as well as tempering of bars, provides additional strength and bendability.

3.Manufactured at completely automatic incessant rolling mill – Results in outstanding dimensional tolerance to set faultless configuration in surface finishing.

4.Scientific Rib Design – Grip geometry lets better bonding with concrete.

5.Fire Resistant – Up to Six hundred degrees.

6.Corrosion Resistant – CR elements together with solid outer surface Martensitic rim and seamless chemical composition helps in fighting corrosion of TMT bars which can be utilized even in corrosion prone region.

7.Better Bendability – Due to a perfect blend of high ductile percentage in the core plus stranded tough surface, 100% harmless bendability is likely even in a standard conventional technique.

8.Greater Weldability – Due to little carbon content, bars can be butt or lap welded by means of ordinary rutile coated electrodes without pre or else post heat treatment.


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