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Importance of Ceiling Design in Construction India

Ceiling Design for Your House and Office

A nice looking ceiling in your house or office adds extra splendor to its interior decoration. There are a number of ceiling designs available for this purpose. Following discussion will make this point more clear:

Types Of Ceiling :

  1. Cathedral Ceilings.Tom Ferguson; Arent & Pyke.
  2. Cove Ceilings. Tasmin Johnson.
  3. Barrel-Vaulted Ceilings. Commune Design.
  4. Coffered Ceiling. ANNIE SCHLECHTER.
  5. Ceiling Trays. Jonny Valiant.
  6. Beamed Ceilings.
  7. Specialty Moldings. Studio Razavi.
  8. Flat Ceilings.

Finest Ceiling design for office:

Gypsum sheets are one of the best favored ceiling options in homes as well as commercial spaces. It lends a glossy gaze that no other ceiling material can go with.

Ways to choose a ceiling design:

Tips while Designing the Ceilings:

  1. Consider the type of space.
  2. Be familiar with your interior's style.
  3. Agree on lighting positions.
  4. Be acquainted with ceiling height.
  5. Select ceiling colors.

False ceiling design:

In plain terms, a false ceiling is a fitted ceiling which hangs below the original ceiling of your room or home. It's generally suspended by wooden or metal frames along with the illusion it brings of a lower ceiling, now and then with segments of the original ceiling on display, has made it the moniker 'dropped ceiling. '

Kinds of false ceiling:

  1. Gypsum False Ceilings.
  2. Plaster of Paris (POP) False Ceilings.
  3. Metal False Ceilings.
  4. Wooden False Ceilings 
  5. Fabric or Cloth False Ceilings.
  6. Mineral Fiber False Ceilings.
  7. PVC False Ceilings.
  8. Glass False Ceilings.
  9. Plywood False Ceilings.

Is PVC ceiling fine?

PVC ceiling panels are robust and very long-lasting. They can last for years without distorting or bending. Unlike gypsum as well as POP, PVC ceiling panels are not breakable and are less expected to get damaged at the same time as handling. They are a reasonably priced alternative to the usual POP or gypsum ceiling panels.



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