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Basic Guidelines to Select Best Cement

  • Just like bricks are the building blocks of any household, cement is the bonding agent that sets everything together. Without cement, present construction is nearly impossible- certainly you by now know that. Different construction jobs need different cement varieties. With an excess of varieties and cement grades existing in the market, it is tough for you to make an informed selection. 
  • When constructing your dream home, you must only use the finest cement that provides you with your favorite results. The following factors are the ones you must consider while looking for the greatest Cement for Construction

Cement Grade

  • Cement grades label the compression strength of Ordinary Portland Cement, or else OPC. A higher cement grade denotes higher compression strength as well as higher compression strength refers to the increased ability of the structure to endure more weight and tackle erosion.

Types of Cement

  • Cement companies yield different forms of cement for different construction jobs. Each variety achieves a different purpose and can be considered dedicated to that particular kind of construction. The different kinds of cement are like this:
  • OPC: It stands for Ordinary Portland Cement. This is a traditional selection for construction in India. This cement has an initial setting time, is comparatively costlier, and is less environment-friendly related to other blended cement.
  • PPC: It stands for Portland Pozzolana Cement. It is fly ash-based cement which has a faintly longer setting time but is as robust as OPC cement. This is a more atmosphere-friendly and pocket-friendly choice as compared to the other cement kinds. This cement is favoured in the construction of buildings in severe environmental conditions because of PPC properties’ contribution to concrete in stopping water seepage and damage.
  • PSC: This stands for Portland Slag Cement. It is blended cement which has a low tendency to crack because of its tendency to generate lower heat throughout hydration. This fallout in less water consumption in addition to easier curing. It is most appropriate for constructions exposed to a marine setting.
  • Composite Cement: An ideal blend of high reactive silica and slag, it deals with higher long-term strength gain as well as better workability i.e. can be easily varied during concreting. This cement is perfect for all types of construction applications.

Cement Quality 

  • In a marketplace where there are numerous companies that sell cement, it becomes tough to make the right selection. A good rule of thumb is too unquestionable about cement quality is to purchase from a well-reputed brand. A company with a decent reputation in the market accompanied by years of experience often deliver the ideal cement products. These brands make products that are harmonized with their goodwill and often offer top-class products with worthy value for money. 


  • It is also an important part as cement tends to decline in quality if not stored correctly. A company that provides decent packaging that is moisture-resistant as well as tamper-proof is the right selection for you. 

Availability and Logistics

  • The last but equally significant part in the quest for the finest cement is availability and logistics. It is not a small or light item that can be carried effortlessly from any distance. Cement delivery to the construction location is an imperative factor to consider for the user. The availability of obligatory cement at a close dealer and its timely delivery comfort the construction process as well as aid in cutting down costs.

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