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Top Cement Brands in India in 2023

  • Cement is considered as one of the main constituents of house construction. Similar to your dream home structure, its industry has proved to be instrumental in the overall growth of Indian economy. It is an incontrovertible fact that the production as well as consumption of cement is the needle of growth of a nation. The following discourse shall take you to an enlightened journey of role of different players of contemporary cement domain in India:

  • The India cement market size touched 3,644.5 Million Tons in 2022. Eyeing forward, IMARC Group anticipates the market to stretch 4,832.6 Million Tons by 2028, demonstrating a growth rate (CAGR) of 4.94% all through 2023-2028. Cement denotes to a binding material attained by grinding a blend of clay and limestone. The below mentioned statistics exhibits the contribution of key players in this industry:


Cement Brands

Production Capacity (MTPA)

Rate (Rs.)


Ultra Tech Cement


Rs.390 to Rs.480


Shree Cement


Rs.380 to Rs.470


Ambuja Cement


Rs.380 to Rs.475


Ramco Cement


Rs.385 to Rs.485


JSW Cement


Rs.330 to Rs.440


Binani Cement


Rs.370 to Rs.470


Dalmia Cement


Rs.340 to Rs.450


Birla Cement


Rs.395 to Rs.450


J.K. Cement


Rs.350 to Rs.480


The Indian Cement


Rs.350 to Rs.475


Know More About Types of Cement

  1. Ultra Tech Cement:

  • The company is the industry frontrunner in using both natural as well as man-made resources reliably and has been awarded numerous accolades for the same. Ultra Tech is a part of the Aditya Birla Group. Further, it is the prime manufacturer of ready mix concrete (RMC), grey cement along with white cement in India.

  • Speciality:

  • UltraTech Premium's composition including high quality clinker intermingled with shrewd amounts of grander blast furnace slag partaking high glass content, gypsum bereft of deleterious materials and best possible PSD (Particle Size Distribution) certifies its unsurpassable performance year on year.

  • It is the best solution for guarding your house against water seepage sooner or later, is waterproofing. Waterproofing is precarious in the following areas of your household:

  • The minute it comes to waterproofing,

  • UltraTech SEAL & DRY:

  • It applies high-quality polymer additives and is epitome for terraces, roofs, water tanks in addition to balconies. It is most seemly for areas that are less than 10,000 sq. ft.

  • It heightens the compressive strength as well as water tightness of concrete for the duration of construction.

  • It is alike to Flex in terms of properties and applications nevertheless it is ideal for areas grander than 10,000 sq. ft.

  1. Shree Cement:

  • It is a high-class versatile Portland Pozzolana Cement with discrete advantages. This cement is an ultimate blend of high-quality clinker and meticulously selected artificial pozzolana materials which arrange for satisfactory initial strength and high ultimate strength.

  • Is one of In India and Topthree cement producers. In addition to this, it is among the dissolute growing, with a mounted capacity of 43.4 Million Tonnes Every Annum in India and 47.4 together with abroad. Be it OPC/PPC/PSC, Bag storing or loose cement in bulkers - its products meet the supplies of different customer segments.

  • The brand is identified for innovation in marketing by creating first-hand segments; speedy rollout of distribution networks close to markets, it is unswervingly winning trust of customers.

  1. Ambuja Cement:

  • It is a reputable brand in India and known for its  high performance, high strength, Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) in addition to Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC). OPC and PPC both are high class active hydraulic binders and are wished brands in the market for all the construction tenders.

  • Ambuja Cement Cool Walls – This makes walls that keep your home 5Ë?C cooler.
    By way of their innovative Heat-Barrier Technology, it Cool Walls Concrete Blocks and Clogged joining mortar keep homes 5 degrees cooler contrasted to traditional bricks.
    Besides this, these Cool Walls are a stronger, better substitute to brick walls that often have the tireless problem of ‘salt’ or efflorescence which eats through the plaster.
    Easier to apply, it needs no curing saving your time and resources.

  1. Ramco Cement:

  • This cement product makes an iconic, residential high-rise structure constructed using Ramco Supergrade owing to its boosted durability and high ultimate strength.

  • The Ramco Cements previously acknowledged as Madras Cements (MCL) was time-honoured in 1957, a portion of Ramco Group, an eminent business group of South India. It is founded at Chennai. Ramco Supergrade is the most prevalent cement brand in South India. The leading product of the syndicate is Portland cement, manufactured in 8 state–of–the art production facilities that take in Integrated Cement plants and Grinding units thru current total production dimensions of 15.5 MTPA.

  1. JSW Cement:

  • The complete form of JSW is Jindal South West.

  • It uses superior quality slag produced at its steel manufacturing plant, in compliance to IS: 12089 standards for manufacturing PSC.
    It is created with an amalgamation of up to 45- 50% slag, 45% – 50% clinker, in addition to 3-5% gypsum.
    Its PSC brand has been voted as the fit cement for mass construction on account of its low heat of hydration

  1. Binani Cement:

  • Eminence, Strength, Reliability, Performance, and Uniformity are words that are the same with Binani Cement, the prize company of the Braj Binani Group. In ‘cement’ substances, these potentials make it the preferred choice for engineers, builders, as well as contractors. The cement forms the foundation of some admired projects in India and overseas – Dubai Metro (fully automated rail network), along with the state of the art Port Khalifa at Abu Dhabi. It is amongst India’s presumed manufacturers of cement with a universal manufacturing bulk of 11.25 million tons per annum through an integrated plant in India and China, and also grinding units in Dubai.

  1. Dalmia Cement:

  • The company functions a manufacturing capacity of 35.9 MnT per annum (MTPA), transversely 14 cement plants and grinding units which are ranged across 10 states. By way of over 33,000 dealers and sub-dealers, the enterprise presently services more than Twenty Two states and is among the prominent players in every region where it exists in.

  • The vastly engineered particle-size dissemination of Dalmia DSP Cement sorts the concrete denser and water-resistant, as compared to Ordinary Portland Cement. This aids in guarding against looming cracks and water leakage.

  1. Birla Cement:

They manufacture varieties of cement resembling to Birla Cement Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC-43 and 53 grades), Portland Slag Cement (PSC), Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC-fly ash-based), Sulphate Resistant Cement in addition to Composite Cement.

Birla Corporation at present produces cement in eight locations through its eleven manufacturing units with a pooled capacity of almost 20 million tons every annum. The production units have been modernized and updated to ensure that the cement is at par with the unsurpassed.

  1. J. K. Cement:

JK Super Cement is one of the exceptional grey cement brands in the Country, obtainable as application friendly Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC). It complies with quality standards stated by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as well as is much in demand, by both, the retail plus the institutional segment.

The Enterprise has a fixed Grey Cement capacity of 20 MnTPA as on date, creating it one of the uppermost cement manufacturers in the Nation. One of the leading manufacturers of White Cement, worldwide, with a total white cement ability of 1.20 MnTPA along with wall putty capacity of 1.2MnTPA.

  1. The Indian Cement:

  • Owner of Indian cement?

  • N. Srinivasan

  • India Cements

  • Category

  • Public

  • Industry

  • Construction

  • Originated

  • 1946

  • Headquarter

  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

  • Main people


  • N. Srinivasan (Managing Director), Rupa Gurunath (Whole-time Director)

12,886 crore capital outflow to upturn capacity by 22.6 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) by brownfield and greenfield projects. Its cement production in India enlarged by 19.4% in June 2022 as associated to June 2021.

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