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Things to Consider Prior to Setting up a Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens offer you limited space for the arrangement of utensils along with other necessary required stuffs. The notion of space management facilitates you in this regard. Actually, the modular kitchen comprises of numerous units together with floor units, overhead cabinets, in addition to other storages. Following is a list of things you are supposed to know before setting up a modular kitchen:



The modular kitchen offers with a variety of storage from drawers to high storage units. One ought to take into the consideration the kind of storage required and consider the diverse storage type according to the convenience as well as utility. Since storage plays a very important role while designing a kitchen plus helps in maintaining a clutter free kitchen.


  • Extra Tip: Maximize the utilization of the storage by creating compartments inside one unit. Also, construct differently sized units for different forms of things, utensils or food items.


Kitchen Materials along with Finishes

The picking of the type of storages along with a wide variety of the same must be taken into consideration. Together with the storages, the unique kitchen along with finishes should be considered, for example, ranging from DUCO, laminates, veneer and other multi-colored surfaces. Even the kitchen countertop material ought to be considered as well so that the whole finishing of the kitchen comes out to be long-lasting and easy to maintain.
Professional Advice: Choose the materials which are low maintenance and long-lasting.


Kitchen Appliances as well as Modern Utilities

The modular kitchen design gives suitable space for the setting up of all the modern utilities such as a dish dryer, dishwasher, oven etc. The idea of modular kitchen is to build accessibility easy for you, thus the arrangement as well as provision for the appliances takes away the brownie points in this notion.


A Must Contain – Kitchen Triangle
One is required to adhere to the golden triangle rule at the same time as considering the setting up of the modular kitchen in gurgaon. It is the viewpoint of placing your cooking station, wash basin (sink) in addition to your refrigerator at an appropriate distance forming a triangle at these 3 focal points. This idea has been followed for decades since it is considered to boost efficiency in the kitchen. Thus, make sure to stay away from the kitchen layout mistakes. 


Pantry within Kitchen Design
A pantry is a little stock of your daily food items along with cutlery. And this pantry in kitchen cabinets can store your necessities neatly within the kitchen cabinets which can be pulled out for access, only while required.

  • Extra Tip: Make sure the racks are long as well as wide enough to store your items.

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