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Hacker Kitchen: Sustaining the Journey of Heritage

Häcker commenced its journey with a modest joinery workshop in 1898 and built a brand of unparalleled legacy in the last 120 years.

Since its beginning, Häcker’s inspiration has been to satisfy customer needs while keeping in mind the peak quality standards. This simple philosophy hasn’t transformed but has only become stronger.

Today, Hacker is an expert producer of modern fitted kitchens gratifying the highest claims with respect to quality, novelty, functionality and toughness in the industry.


Why Häcker Kitchens:

Häcker manufactures modern fitted kitchens which set highest expectations for excellence, functionality, durability in addition to design. Right in this moment, these Kitchens going out in 60 diverse countries (including India) all around the world.

A highly advanced and incessantly improved kitchen production with hi-tech technology allows it, in amalgamation with its own developed logistic fleet, the accurate fulfilment of each customer necessities.

Indispensable Features of a Häcker Modular Kitchen

  1. Tall Units by Built-In Gadgets.
  2. Organised Cutlery Units.
  3. Maximised Useful Space.
  4. Tailored Open Shelved Units.
  5. Tall Pull-Out Units.
  6. Pull-Out Dishwasher.

Which is the top material for modular kitchen in India?

Plywood is the most ideal modular kitchen material in India. Furthermore, many Indian brands have come up with advanced cabinet kitchen materials to design first-class modular kitchens.


What kitchen arrangement is most popular in contemporary design?

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout:
This kitchen design plan is the most prevalent kitchen layout. This layout features 2 adjoining walls which meet in an L-shape. Both walls grasp all the countertops, cabinets, in addition to kitchen services, with the other two touching walls open.


Does modular kitchen contain chimney?

Main apparatuses of a Modular kitchen: You can either plan as well as design your own modular kitchen or rent an interior designer to ensure it for you. A modular kitchen ought to have these mandatory sections like chimney, cabins, cabinet shutters, shelves, fittings, drawers and huge place and a dish washer.

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