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Diamond TMT: Presenting the Greatest Class Mild Steel TMT Bars

Diamond TMT Steel Bars

Diamond TMT is Prominent Company in Steel Rolling Industry.

Diamond TMT and Procon Private Limited is divisions of Diamond Group of Industries, which is a primary company in steel rolling industries for many decades. Having, gained wide-ranging knowledge as well as experience over the years in the field helps it in providing top notch product quality as well as services to its esteem customers. Its slogan is, “Built-in strength, Built for life.”


Mr. Ajay Ramesh Chandra Jain has commenced Diamond Group in 1983. The initial venture was of setting up a Steel Rolling Mill in Saurashtra area of Gujarat. Over the decades the enterprise has branched out (broaden the horizon) in diverse fields for instance ship breaking, construction, import-export as well as infrastructure development projects. It is the newest undertaking of Diamond Group in Steel Industry. The novel start-up was a reasonable course of action, thru the forte as well as decades of experience in the steel industry.

Diamond TMT Bars are prepared by using the up-to-date TMT technology, providing them strength and robustness along with most important of all security.

Advantages of Diamond TMT:

These bars are intended to provide strength to bond seamlessly thru the concrete and providing the structure longevity. They are finished in way that preserves flexibility as well as formability. It does not rust, no longer terms while kept in contact with cement, nor does it burn up to six hundred degree Celsius making it fire resistant. Outstanding ductility improves security and protection throughout natural calamities like earthquake etc.

These bars are prepared keeping in mind the technique of welding, thus, they are simply welded and as well continues up the strong bond intake. The finest thing is that its clients obtain the finest class while saving up to 15% creating them economical.


Diamond TMT 500+


Yield Stress: 510 min per Tensile Strength: 590 per Elongation: Sixteen Min

Diamond TMT 500+D

Fe-500+ D

Yield Stress: 520 min per Tensile Strength: 600 per Elongation: Eighteen Min

Diamond TMT 550+


Yield Stress: 560 min per Tensile Strength: 640 per Elongation: Fourteen Min

Diamond TMT 550+ D

Fe-550+ D

Yield Stress: 510 min per Tensile Strength: 590 per Elongation: Sixteen Min


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