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Drive System Mechanism in an Elevator

The internal mechanism of an elevator is much complex. There are many kinds of elevators and each one has its unique inner machinery. These are the 3 most common kinds of elevator motors:

  • AC motor(commercial/residential): Typically used in commercial as well as residential settings, but they normally use a higher voltage as compared to your home electricity

  • Diesel/gasoline powered motor: Employed when electricity is out of stock

  • Pneumatic/hydraulic actuators: These are typically used for very heavy loading as well as low-rises, such as in car repair shops or else for cargo lifts.

Types of Motors

Traction elevators are operated by means of a counterweight that balances the weight of the cab along with its passengers.

Geared traction elevators are regulated or “driven” by AC or else DC electric motors.

For a machine room less traction lift, a smaller gearless traction motor is compulsory.

Hydraulic elevators also make use of electric motors, as well as these elevators are powered through a piston that travels within a cylinder. The electric motor forces hydraulic oil into the cylinder which shifts the piston, then the piston effortlessly lifts the elevator cab.


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