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Elemax Best Generator Price in India

ELEMAX: International Brand in Generator Segment

Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd. was set up in 1908 in Japan as well as manufactures following three characterized main products.

No. 1 :

Automotive electrical devices for large commercial vehicle (trucks as well as buses)

No. 2 :

Engine generators (up to Twenty Five kva), alternators, control expedients for generators.

No. 3 :

Mobile AC/DC refrigerator as trademark name "Engel"

The company always makes efforts to keep position as a prominent manufacturer for above each field in the world as well as it is also its desire to create increasingly advanced quality along with value added products for above each category products.
It is the first as well as primary concept of the SAWAFUJI enterprise.


ELEMAX is the original brand generator name of the group and by now supplied to the industry, rental, construction in addition to professional customer who need high quality in the world.

Product Details:

·         Product: ELEMAX.

·         Model: DEW 6500.

·         Electrode Diameter: Extreme up to 4 mm Incessant.

·         Max Welding Current: 190 at 35% Duty cycle.

·         Strike Voltage (No Weight): 65 - 85 V DC.

·         Rated Voltage: 220-240 V.

·         Welding Current Adjustment Collection: 60 - 220 A.

·         Graded Frequency: 50 Hz.

Is Elemax generator worthy?

Top-quality products always have their way of principal any market. And that clarifies why Elemax is one of the most reliable brands of generators in the current era.


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