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Elephant TMT: Bonding the Wall

ELEPHANT TMT a part of Micky Metals Bars was integrated on August the 24th, 1995 when it was taken over a sick as well as closed unit from The Birlas' in Suri, West Bengal, plus transformed it into a state of the art rolling mill through Thermex technology specializing in the manufacture of High Tech TMT Bars. Till date it has undertaken many expansion plans together with the setup of two 6 Ton induction furnaces, as well as with the height of the vision and foresight of its directors, Sri N.K. Agarwal, Sri S.K Agarwal along with S. Agarwal. It is now the foremost manufacturers in MICKY TMT Bars MS Flat, MS square, MS Angle and MS channel. To guarantee high standard quality keeping in traditionalism with IS 2062 and IS 1786, it rolls its products from tested as well as certified billets from SAIL, IISCO etc.

Elephant TMT iron Bar Price List

Size Price Date
8mm Rs.58,500 MT to Rs.65,500 MT 2021


The TMT a segment of Micky Metals Bars focuses on the manufacturing of TMT High Tech Bars of sizes vacillating from 8mm to 32 mm. Its business is unceasingly expanding and it has succeeded in preserving a positive growth rate since its inception which is evident from its reputation of being one of the Foremost Secondary Producers of Steel in the Eastern Sector. It has a Steel Fabricated shed covering a zone of 100000 sq ft for affluence of storing factory-made steel products.


Elephant TMT bars began with a rolling mill which produced TMT bars. Through strong determination and steady growth, it has charted the upscale territory by sincere emphasis on quality as well as customer satisfaction. This led to its achievement of ISO: 9001 2000 which is a rare distinction bequeathed upon organizations. Through a production that started with 50 tons/day it now produces close to 200 tons/day and this has been feasible only with the assistance from its clients along with a dedicated work force. At this group, it treats customers as partners and with relentless support and collaboration it is supposed to attain several milestones in near future.   

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