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TMT Saria Price

TMT Steel Saria

TMT Saria iron rods are the most needed construction materials. They are formed through fully mechanical thermo-mechanical treatment along with the modern 3D laser technology which make them bond seamlessly with concrete and cement. This offers unmatchable strength and impeccable ductility to the buildings and structures. These virtues enable them to survive earthquakes, resist corrosion and damp conditions, thereby making them defect-free as well as long-lasting.

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TMT Saria Rate List:

Brand Size Price Date
Rathi Saria Rate 12mm Saria

Rs.58,050 MT


Rs.64,050 MT

Rungta Saria Rate 12mm Saria

Rs.61,950 MT


Rs.69,950 MT

Kamdhenu Saria Rate 12mm Saria

Rs.58,900 MT


Rs.64,900 MT

Mongia Saria Rate 12mm Saria

Rs.58,300 MT


Rs.64,300 MT

Goel Saria Rate 12mm Saria

Rs.58,400 MT


Rs.64,400 MT

Magadh Saria Rate 12mm Saria

Rs.58,200 MT


Rs.64,200 MT

Jyoti Saria Rate 12mm Saria

Rs.58,600 MT


Rs.64,600 MT


Why Sariya for Construction

Solid Bonding

Concrete as well as TMT Saria iron rods ought to act together in reinforced concrete structure even if they are two unlike materials. This is to give the building ability to bear the massive load it is designed to bear as well as resist forces. Nevertheless, this can only happen while the concrete holds the TMT Saria iron rods resolutely.

Faultless Ductility and Malleability

The Saria iron rods go through the most progressive and fully-automated quenching process which makes their inside part softer and the outside part harder. This gives the iron rods seamless ductility as well as malleability which are critical properties in any kind of construction project.

Better Corrosion Resistance

The Steel Saria iron rods have greater anti-corrosion properties empowered by the mechanical labs and the most contemporary testing equipment which are employed to test the micro-structure. This provides the iron rods the faultless chemistry and the right carbon content, therefore providing them with the ability to survive rust and corrosion.

Thermal Stability

These Steel Saria iron rods have excellent thermal stability which is supported by the automated labs and the most up-to-date testing equipment which are applied to test their micro-structure. This effect in the right chemistry in every rod made.

First-rate Weld ability

The microstructure of the iron rods is tested through its automated labs and most present testing equipment give all iron rods perfect chemistry, ensuring that they contain the accurate carbon content.

Thermal Stability

The Steel Saria iron rods have outstanding thermal stability which is allowed by the automated labs and the most up-to-date testing equipment which are utilized to test their micro-structure. This outcome in the right chemistry in every rod formed.

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